Deidara How did bạn become a Deidara Fan?

Kitama309 posted on Apr 01, 2010 at 03:08AM
Okay, so when I originally watched Naruto, before I learned about Deidara, I loved Gaara to death. Then when Shippuden came up, I still did. That was until I heard the English voice of Deidara during the fight between Gaara and Deidara. That's when I became confused on who's side to be on. At first it was Gaara, then I switched to Deidara. After all, he is a bad boy, right? That and he's hilarious. So I became a Deidara fan, BIG TIME. Tell everyone how you became a Deidara fan. ^^

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hơn một năm qua Sasori166 said…
big smile
Well, I loved SasoDei. I knew everything about Sasori because Sasori is my favorite character on the whole show. But I hardley knew about Deidara. So I started studying him. He turned out as a real interesting character and soon I loved him and he exploded his way to being my third favorite, Above Gaarra, Naruto, and Kiba...but below Sasori and Haku.
Deidara rocks!!!
hơn một năm qua Kitama309 said…
Lol, awesome. Sasori is awesome. I think all of the Akatsuki characters are bomb, but Deidara is my top four. It's Deidara, Pein, Sasori and Tobi. lol
hơn một năm qua Sasori166 said…
I agree!! AKATSUKI!
hơn một năm qua Yuki-Hyouzan said…
I'm not really sure...I just came to love him I guess...Who wouldn't love him?
hơn một năm qua eninaj21 said…
Hi everyone! I also like Deidara, at first I ddidn't like him because I prefer Gaara more duriong their fight but then after i have watch it a lot of times, i guess i came to like him also.. he's very funny especially when he is with Tobi..
hơn một năm qua MF114 said…
Well, I actually have only watched like 10 episodes and read one page of the manga and that was the most recent one, but thanks to wikipedia and my friend(who is a Deidara fanatic) I've found out the story and I guess, the way Deidara's characters seems to be planned out really got me into him.
hơn một năm qua darkdeidara101 said…
heyo!when i saw deidara i really liked him cause well i usually fall in love with alot of Naruto characters like Sasori but insted of Tobi being my fave Deidara is now...i fell like i'm Hinata telling Naruto that I love him only its me talking about him.
hơn một năm qua night-rain said…
I loved Deidara cuz hes so unique and is so passionate about his art. Hes also super good looking!!! i like evryone in the akatsuki espacially deidara, sasori, hidan and itachi.
hơn một năm qua saso_dei_hi said…
Well my uncle had a game and Deidara was a character un.However,I didn't know about him because I stopped watching the show.About a week later the Deidara vs. Gaara arc came on so I watched out of curiousity. I went CRAZY over his art and he was instantly my favorite un. I did research on him and even MORE insane. I wouldn't have started watching the Naruto series if it weren't for him un. And BTW...PEIN...IS AWESOME un!!! So is my Sasori-Danna(master) and so is Hidan,Kakuzu...oh who am i kidding un? I love them ALL...especially Deidara un!
 Well my uncle had a game and Deidara was a character un.However,I didn't know about him because I sto
hơn một năm qua Spinner13 said…
Okay, I set out to hate Deidara.
This is because I only started watching Naruto because of Gaara; my sister started watching it first and telling me about it, and I got curious about Gaara (even though she described him as a total psycho) so when she asked me to watch his first backstory/flashback with her I said 'Sure' and got hooked.
And then...
While trolling around on Gaara's Wikia page, I saw a guy named Deidara mentioned - and that he was at least partly responsible for Gaara's death, tried to bomb Suna, and to top it all off sat on Gaara's body.
Me: Yikes! Usually I'm interested in villains, but this guy just sounds disgusting! I hate him!
And then...
I got interested in Sasori (long story, but I got interested in him before I actually saw any episodes in Naruto Shippuden). I don't go to often, but one time I was there I tried searching for Sasori stories in the friendship genre.
My Computer: Sasori&Deidara - Sasori&Deidara - yet more Sasori&Deidara -
Out of sheer frustration, I tried reading a story with Deidara in it.
Me: ^_^ Hey, he's kind of cu- NO! I DON'T like him!
But it was a downhill slide from there... and now I'm a member of his fanclub. (I'm a member of a Gaara fanclub too, though, and I still love him. <3)
WHY am I a fan? Good Gods, I've asked myself that question many times. Because I'm a bit of an artist myself, and I respect anyone who's passionate about their work? Because he is, as I thought unguardedly a while back, cute? Because I admire anyone who can get their arms ripped off, keep fighting, then escape from Team Gai armless? (That even impressed my sister. She wouldn't believe me at first.)
There's a lot of little reasons. I'm not sure if there's an overall thing I can say. But that's how I became a fan.
goldenlucario commented…
whoa! That's what I thought, too! Awesome story! hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua deidaraisgod said…
it as easy to respond to his views on art that made ​​me a fan of him, his cool look and so because I pyromaniac
hơn một năm qua xXitachiXx said…
mhmm idk really im more of an itachi fan but deidara is 2nd i lov the way the talks he has a big mouth and his hair is awesome
but there are alot of reasn why i like deidara im a fan of sasorixdeirdara 2(:
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hơn một năm qua 0_Lisa_0 said…
that garra deidara fight..... i totally fell in love
hơn một năm qua Deidara567 said…
big smile
At first, I hate all things about naruto!! Till I got bored one day and decided to see how lame naruto really is then there I saw Deidara fighting Naruto,un. I was like "OMG! Another boy with my favorite anime hairstyle!" I LOVE BLONDE HAIRED BOYS! Deidara was making sculptures and throwing them at naruto and kakashi then they just BLOW UP,un! Then I said"Ooooh! A BAD BOY! Whoa! He has mouths in his hands.....AWESOME! FIRST TIME IV'E SEEN A GUY WITH SOMETHING SO COOL AS THAT!" Ever since then my motto is "ART IS A BANG!"
hơn một năm qua deidarakun said…
i was watching naruto shippuden i saw him and instantly i fell for him cuz hes soooooo hot
hơn một năm qua yueuchiha said…
big smile
the second he died.(at first i thought his mouth-hands were creepy, so i was paying more attention to that than anything else, but i got over it. and now... fave akasuki member!
goldenlucario commented…
me too! X3 hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua DeidaraFan13 said…
i did a akatsuki character quiz and got deidara so i wanted to find out more about him so i did and yeah... i get told i look like him and act like him to
hơn một năm qua goldenlucario said…
Weeeell, at first I hated Naruto (the show) and hated all PLEASE don't hate me for what I thought at first...I didn't whatch the show, only had a couple of mangas and just read spoilers out of curiosity...I only liked Kakashi. And I thought the most of them were emos (Gaara, Sasuke, Itachi, Pein....) and then I got interested in Fanart (of random animies). I saw Deidara and I thought "ah, they even have a barbie..."
but then this Fanart appeared where he threw of his shirt and you only saw his back and I was like "NO WAY!'s just undressing...not a man..." I hated Pein for killing Kakashi, thought those emos in black coats were bastards and kept mixing Gaara up with Sasori. "What? He's a robot?" (I really had NO idea about Naruto, just saw random clips on youtube...) Then I started watching parodies and Deidara was always the gay guy and I laughed my ass off finally knowing his gender. But after the parodies I got into Naruto...
Gaara, Pein and Itachi are AWESOME! I started thinking Deidara was hot, NEVER admitting that to myself, and would rather kill myself before telling him that. I don't know why I like him as my favorite Akatsuki member...but there are so many reasons at the same time
-he's part of the Akatsuki (DUDE, THE AKATSUKI ARE A HELL OF AN ORGANIZATION!!!!)
-I absolutly LOVE his shit-eating grin
-awesome voice
-fucking best fighting style of the whole show
-verbal tick is cute (yes, cute!)
-awesome catchphrase (Art is a bang!)
-first I thought his long, blond hair was not good, now I like it
-figures are cool, though I can make better ones XD
-his art explodes, his C0 has the power of an atom
-kicks the most powerful ninja's ass (Tobi)
-lots of other reasons
so all in all, he's my fav. dude. But only from the Akatsuki, 2nd is Tobi :)