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Here are some trích dẫn from the sách that i found funny hoặc amusing that i'd thought bạn might like to hear

Evanna: "In Fact i'm pregnant already."
Darren: "What?! But bạn just said-"
Evanna: "I know."
Darren: "But if you-"
Evanna: "I Know."
Darren: "But-"
Evanna: " Darren! I. Know."

(Darren falling off the bars)
Sam: Darren! Hang On!
Darren:(He didn't need to tell me that- I was hardly going to let go!

Tunnels of Blood=
Debbie: "Aren't bạn afraid of the dark?"
Darren: "No. What's to be afraid of?"
Debbie: "I know it's silly, but i'm always half- afraid a vampire hoặc a werewolf 's going
to jump out and atack...
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