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posted by TailsDollFriend
Sorry for the wait, my cp turned on me so I'll quit stalling and start the story

I woke up early that morning to see the sun gracefully touch the sky with fingertips of rose. I put on my fighting kimono on over my casual, màu hồng, hồng kimono. When I finished getting ready, I punched Fujimaru in the face to wake him up.
"We need to go remember?"
"Yeah, I suppose so..."
I ran outside awaiting my orders when Lord Seigen walked out.
"Kudo Twins, bạn tow are now old enough to be your own teachers. bạn two are now trained fighters bạn could be labeled ninjas, swordsmen, etc. Please.. Have a an toàn, két an toàn journey. I beg of you."
"So now we're Violent reapers like you?"
"No. That's just what I've been known for. Now please go. If Konoka sees bạn two again, she will not let bạn two go. Please........ Take care.."
"Yes Lord Seigen!"

Part two in Jannuary
added by TailsDollFriend
Episode two, Late Night Madness un. This takes place inside a lab un. Oh and watashi, watashi, watashi, watashi, watashi....un....
added by TailsDollFriend
This video is something that reminds me of demons so I thought I might as well hiển thị Dark Demon những người hâm mộ this un. And it's sorta like episodes un. There are five episodes, different song and different story un. Enjoy yeah! (nuV)
hoa hồng
posted by TailsDollFriend
Nehhh, I always take too long to write a story un!
I'll try not to do that, I've just been so busy that I haven't had time to make a story un. For others that don't know, I was paid twenty some dollars to talk and type everything with either an
un, hmm, hoặc a yeah when I finish a sentence but that was a week cách đây un. Now, I have a speech problem but if I talk in someone elses voice, I don't have a problem un. Hopefully, it'll
stop un. (Note to self: Don't take money if your'e
going to have a speech problem un.)
-Begin story-
Beirii stood there begining to laugh "Heh heh heh heh, looks like this is...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Konichiwa my fellow readers!!! I apologize that I've been gone a while, my computer broke.... Anyway I'm back and ready to write again!!! But I've decided to go back to nghề viết văn the way I started to write in the beginnig of the story. Enjoy!
-Begin story-
As Beirii walked on through the forest, she finally made her way to the village to finish her chores."Now let's see...I'm going to need a bag of rice, hạt đậu, đậu sprouts, and... Man, these products are all heavy! I wonder if I should have brought Fujimaru with me... Nah, this'll be a good workout
for me!" Beirii made her way to all the shops to get...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Michael:(Awwww, I don't have anymore Ichigos'...)

Me:Michael, why the long face?

Michael:*Shows empty box*

Me:Oh Michael don't be sad, bạn still have that cupcake flavored lip balm still don't you?

Michael:Uhhh*Shows empty balm*

Me:...I'm not going to even ask how bạn used it up
in a short amount of time. Anyways, we still have
our yêu thích song!

Michael:You mean--

Me:Yes that one!

-Story begins-
Neir:Alright, this place looks an toàn, két an toàn enough for the
both of us to talk without being discovered.

Beirii:...What do bạn want to talk about Neir?

Neir:Oh...I need to tell bạn about the leader.

Beirii:Are you....Betraying...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Me:So what?
Michael:So when are bạn gonna start your stories again?
Me:Oh, well I was going to wait a few thêm days since I just got back from JapanTown, (And yes, JapanTown does exist! XD) but from the sound in your voice sounds excited and impatient sooooo, I'll start...... RIGHT NOW!!!
Michael:Now I don't have to glomp you....yet!
*Dramatic music*

*Sword slash, punch, kick*

Strong man:Are bạn two giving up yet?

Female voice:*Panting* Not...quite yet!

Male voice:*Panting* Same here!

Strong man:Alright, but that means...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Beirii:...(I learned the last lesson yesterday and
now...what's next?)

Fujimaru:Good morning Beirii.

Beirii:Good morning Fujimaru. *Slightly smiles*

Fujimaru:Are bạn okay Beirii? I never saw bạn smile like that before!

Beirii:Yeah, I was just Mất tích in thought...

Fujimaru:Are bạn thinking about what we're going to do next?

Beirii:Yeah, how did bạn know?

Fujimaru:Well, we are twins bạn know.

Beirii:Yeah I know.

Konoka:Lil' Kudo twins, Seigen needs to talk to bạn about something important.

Fujimaru:Okay, we'll be right down there Lady Konoka--

Beirii:Let us put on our kimonos and we'll be right there!

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posted by TailsDollFriend
The last lesson has come...After this, we're going
to a maybe short free-time story and we'll di chuyển on...Enjoy

Beirii:*Walks torwards Seigens room* Lord Seigen, I'm ready for todays' lesson!....Lord Seigen? (Where's Lord Seigen?)

Seigen:*Sneaks behind Beirii* GOOD MORNING LIL' BEIRII!!!

Beirii:AHHHHHhhh....*Holding onto the ceiling* If that was your idea of a joke, it wasn't funny!!!

Seigen:Sorry lil' Beirii, I woke up just a couple phút early to wake the sleep from bạn because bạn and Rai have alot of work to do!

Beirii:You mean "Master Rai"?

Seigen:Is their anyone else bạn know named Rai?

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posted by TailsDollFriend
Here we are, we're close to the end of the young stages of the story, just hang in there!

Fujimaru:*Stops* Ohhh, I give up Beirii...


Fujimaru:I don't know how to get there and... I'm starving, can we eat now?

Beirii:*Sighs* I guess we can eat here since it's nice and shady up here.

-After lunch-
Beirii:Sooooo, how was it?

Fujimaru:ughhhh, I think bạn need to work on it...

Beirii:Grrrr! I worked really hard on it! How could bạn say such a thing?

Fujimaru:Well, bạn did ask me to tell bạn what I thought of it and it tasted like--

Beirii:AHAAHH!!! I don't care! I would have been...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Free-time will take a couple of days but bạn should enjoy it before we advance five years later...And I'm sorry I didn't make this story yesterday, my computer was having technical difficulties...

Beirii:Fujimaru, it's morning...Time to wake up and go to the Dancing Elegance...It'll be fun...WAKE UP!

Fujimaru:AAAAAHHHHhh! I'm awake! I'm awake!

Beirii:Good. Now go get your blue kimono on while I go make us some breakfast and bento for lunch.

Fujimaru:Okay but, have bạn ever cooked anything before?

Beirii:Of course I have! If I didn't, I would have
burnt this household down already! Now go get ready...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Remember, this, free-time, one thêm lesson, and we
move five years later...

Seigen:Fujimaru, are bạn ready?

Fujimaru:Ready as I'll ever be!

Seigen:Alright but let me warn you--

Fujimaru:I know, I know, as soon as I attack them, they'll counter-attack!

Seigen:That and the fact you're going up against a
different ability type.

Fujimaru:What do bạn mean?

Seigen:Lil' Beirii went up against a speed type (For some reason, she managed to defeat it...) and
you will be going up against a power type... If bạn haven't noticed it yet Fujimaru, bạn two have been going against dummies that have a better advantage...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Finally! Just this lesson, free-time, lesson three, and a bonus! After that, we di chuyển on... five
years later.

Seigen:Ughhh...*Peers outside and yawns* I guess I
better wake up the Kudo twins to start todays lesson...(Somethings wrong...) Hmmmm...LIL' BEIRII
DIDN'T WAKE ME UP!!!*Running torwards the Kudos room* LIL' BEI...


Seigen:Rii? (Leaving all ngày yesterday tired her out like that? Maybe I can go back to giường an--)

Beirii:*Yawns* Good morning Lord Seigen! Let me just get my fighting kimono on and I'll be ready for todays lesson!

Fujimaru:*Yawns* Ughhh... It's morning already?

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posted by TailsDollFriend
We made it so far, but probably đọc the title,
you're all like "Goddamnit! When are they gonna get to the stupid fields? I wanna finish these series and di chuyển on to another chapter!" I know we're almost their I swear on my mothers grave! Just hang in there a little longer please!

Leiko:Look! I see the fields coming into range! We'll make it in time Beirii!

Beirii:(And I was getting used to riding this fast on Leikos' back!)

Leiko:*Quik stop*...

Beirii:Uhhh, Leiko, why did we stop?
-A few pauses later-
*Throws Beirii off her back*



Leiko:Demon Ninjas?!?...
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Finally! Now we're going to the fields! And Beirii wants to know the def. of "that word" 0_o

Leiko:Hmmmm, It's just about three o'clock Beirii,
we may not make it there in time at this rate.

Beirii:Alright, I guess we'll try to go again another ngày huh?

Leiko:Giving up already lil' Beirii? If we ran there, bạn would get to play for about two hours!

Beirii:WHAT!?! I can't run as fast as you, I couldn't keep up with master Rai when he was teaching me about speed!

Leiko:You were learning from that perv when Lord Seigen was sick? (God! Seigen had alot of Những người bạn when he was growing up that were fast...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
If bạn want a friend, be a friend

Herb Man:Hey! If it ain't the beautiful blue tiger, Leiko!

Leiko:Oh Madoka, you're making me blush!

Madoka:The usual?

Leiko:You know it!

Madoka:Well, have a nice trip!...Who's your friend?

Leiko:Oh, this is Beirii Kudo, she was taken in bởi the Suzunami siblings.

Madoka:Well, it's an honor to know someone who lives with the Suzunami residents!

Beirii:I-I don't see why it's an honor to meet me just because Lady Konoka and Lord Seigen took me in.

Madoka:Lord Seigen saved us from demons five years ago, and defeated the most menacing one of all, Osamu.

Beirii:Who's Osamu

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New Những người bạn call for new enemies right?

Beirii:Where would bạn like to go first milay?

Leiko:(Did she really adress me as milady?)


Leiko:Oh! we need to go to the village of Flames before we head to the Dancing Elegance field. I promise it won't take that long!

Beirii:Oh! Don't worry about me! bạn may take all the time bạn need milady!

Leiko:Thank bạn Beirii but...I'm extremely flattered that bạn adress me as "milady" but I would prefer if bạn wouldn't call me that!

Beirii:I see, excuse me then, what would bạn want to be called as?

Leiko:You may call me "Leiko the Beautiful!"

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They may be twins but they have different abilities!

Seigen:Alright! Fujimaru, since I feel better, I can teach bạn how to learn the first most important lesson:speed.

Fujimaru:You feel better? Were bạn sick hoặc something? I don't remember seeing bạn ill and, if
you were sick, then who taught Beirii?

Seigen:Well, there was a war five years cách đây and I was called upon to help but I got poisoned bởi a
spider demon anda friend of mine named Rai taught
Beirii speed but, Beirii failed.

Fujimaru:What did he do to her? Did he make her jump over a clff hoặc made her run from a pack of dogs?

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