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Hi Guys. So for my holidays, Me and my mum and dad went to Marbella. I had no idea what to expect there, never heard much about it, but now i have been there....i will be back several times! :) It all started early on a wednesday morning. I didn't need a wake up call to catch my flight, because we left the house at 1.30am, therefore i got Zero sleep :( I have to admit though, when i got to Belfast airport, it seemed worthwhile already because i got a 4am Ulster Fry. And everybody in CT knows i tình yêu my breakfast fries. Can't beat them!! ;) So our flight was at 6am, we...
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posted by rockstar336
damian started hát at age 6.his fave sweet treat is Sô cô la chips.his fave color is red.fave drink @ Starbucks is a latte(just like me).his fave sport is soccer.his fave cookie is white Sô cô la chip.fave song is a bird with out wings.the song he dosnt like so much is younge luv.his fave animol is a stallion.sports he plys is football.his birthday is sep 09,1992.his bros name is emmett and his sisters name is gemma.he llives in derry,ireland.his fave american bands r cold ply and journey.fave song bởi cold ply is viva la vida.his fave movie is night at the museum.his fave book series is harry poter.hieght is 6 foot.his phone is a samsung.and hes lurning to ply the guitar.he has a twitter account.HE DOSNT HAVE A MYSPACE.damians fave song bởi cold ply is viva la vida.he has all there songs on his i-pod.
posted by celtichottie09
Damain McGinty had a gf but now is single. New song "breaking up is hard to do" is about a brake up that he had gone through. Damain has started his hát carrer at a young age. But look at him now the tim, trái tim throb of celtic thunder.

bạn can find out thêm at this website:
hit artist and bạn will find all the info bạn need on all the cast members

that is all until tiếp theo time
- celtichottie09
Damian on The Glee Project 101

June 12, 2011

My favourite part of the homework assignment was its freshness, and the sense that this is the beginning of an incredible experience and journey. Also, seeing Darren Criss was pretty amazing!! The âm nhạc video shoot was just surreal. I was very taken aback bởi it all, and to be honest, struggled to really settle in. Things like this, at this magnitude, don't happen in Ireland and that is a fact!! So it was just incredible.

Living with all the competitors is certainly interesting. I am so used to having time to myself. I need it! It keeps me ticking....
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Overture and beginners please... Strike up the band... Stand bởi for Celtic Thunder... and "It's Entertainment."

This stylish and high energy trip through some of the great songs of the last 30years is pure showbiz! It is a tribute from Celtic Thunder to the legacy they have inherited from the great entertainers of the past, and a mark of how far they themselves have travelled as performers, in a few short years.

It evokes an era of big bands and boulevards, hàng đầu, đầu trang hats and tails and hát and dancin' in the rain! It makes for irresistible listening as the principals from this generation pay their...
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Hi Guys,

I just want to take a brief moment, to thank bạn all for your incredible support these last few weeks. bạn guys are the reason I do what I do. I tình yêu hearing about people who say they tình yêu my music, how I inspire them, and it makes everything worth it. I could not do it without bạn all.

I seriously cannot emphasize how much bạn all mean to me. It is just incredible. Please keep up the support; I need it now, thêm than ever. Thank bạn all so much, and here's to DANCE ABILITY!!!!!

The Tour so far.... - October 18, 2010

Hey guys!
How are we all?
Hope everyone is doing fab!!
So the tour has been up and going a good 4-5 weeks now, we have been out here for 7 weeks....only 8 to go....
it has been an amazing tour for me so far. I am loving it. i think we all are. I have never experienced tours that i haven't enjoyed, but i am REALLY enjoying this one. I cant believe i have been away from trang chủ for 7 weeks...thats crazy!!!...So time is flying.
And the hiển thị this time round, goes bởi soo quickly....so that's probably one of the main reasons.
I hope, for those of bạn who have seen it,...
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posted by celticcutie01
I don't think that front center stage
Has ever looked this good-so great
He sings all about his life
And I count the fireworks in his eyes
He doesn't have a girl he swears
As I count the stars floatin' in the air
I'm laughin 'cause I know it's dumb
And I just tình yêu all of his songs
And I could tell you
His favourite colours red
He'll never go out
Unless he's wearin' plaid
His sister's wonderful
He has his brother's eyes
And if bạn asked me if I tình yêu him...
I'd smile
He moves around the stage
And innocent look spread across his face
Shouldn't I know this song?
'Cause I've had it memorized for so long
He has the...
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posted by Ryanne81
 From the song 'HOME'
From the song 'HOME'
Another summer day
has come and gone away
In Paris hoặc Rome...
but I wanna go home
...uhm Home
may be surrounded by
a million people I
still feel all alone
just wanna go home
I miss you, bạn know

And I've been keeping all the letters
that I wrote to you,
Each one a line hoặc two
I'm fine baby, how are you?
I would send them but I know that it's just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And bạn deserve thêm than that

Another aeroplane, another sunny place,
I'm lucky I know
but I wanna go home
I got to go home

Let me go home

I'm just too far from where bạn are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I'm living
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posted by damianfan
Celtic Thunder is the best creation I have encountered for years. All the artists involved are superb; one is really no better than another, although Damian gets the most audience response due to his talent, age and charm. The Celtic Orchestra is amazing. Everyone has sculpted a true craft, unlike the talentless masses who appear on audition shows. The best way to support the Celtic Thunder effort is to attend one of their shows hoặc buy the DVD and CDs. Damian and his Những người bạn also have other material they have recorded. This will help all the members to di chuyển phía trước, chuyển tiếp in their musical careers. I wish Damian and his musical associates all the best in the future. Young people need good role người mẫu these days; there are so few.
posted by jewelp
xin chào everyone. Keep sending those postcards and letters for Damian. here are the đường dẫn again in case bạn need them. thanks

Is everyone sending postcards to the 2 addresses to help Damian with glee? Here are the sites again: On facebook, type Damian and Glee in the search, on myspace here's the link, www.myspace.com/537355622

Remember, this helps to keep Damian's name in front of the directors after they have looked at all of the Glee auditions. bởi sending your postcards and letters, bạn are hiển thị not only support for Damian,but hiển thị them they bạn want him to appear on the Glee series
Damian on The Glee Project 104
July 10, 2011

When I walked into the Rec room and saw that this week’s theme was “Dance-Ability”, especially after the rough week I just had with “Vulnerability”, I considered leaving for a chẻ, phân chia, split second!!!!!!! Haha!! But it was a challenge, I had a blast and loved every một phút of it. I worked really hard this week to learn the moves, get the choreography down, and also add personality and attitude to my performance!!

It was great performing “Hey Soul Sister” for the homework assignment. Seeing Harry was surreal, and performing for him was tough,...
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The homework assignment this week was incredibly enjoyable. There was a lot of energy about it and I had a lot of fun. I thought this week’s theme played to certain people's strengths thêm than others. But this is all about embracing the challenge and trying your best. We all worked incredibly hard this week. The routine for the video was quite tough and took a lot of work. It gave people like me a chance to sing Gaga, which, to be honest, I never thought I would be able to do.

It was incredible to meet Idina. She is such a loving and caring character and she gave great Lời khuyên to each and...
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posted by trudamsel
This will be a short bài viết but I just really want to thank Damian for all he does for us fans. He's so young and busy with school, sports, and friends, yet he takes the time to share his great talent with us. He leaves his family and home, goes through the busy hours, and puts up with us noisy, loyal, loveing fans:) He's done so much for us and I think it's time we really hiển thị him how much we appreciate it. If bạn ever see him, write to him, hoặc even know him and are just talking to him randomly, please just mention your deep gratitude for all he does. Let him feel loved and appreciated. WE tình yêu bạn DAMIAN!!!:)
posted by Ryanne81
Recent times....
Hi Guys. :) So it has been a fair while since i blogged here, so here goes!! The trip to Texas in May, was, possibly, the strangest thing i have ever done!! We flew for a long time, and arrived there at night. So got a good night's sleep, and had the hợp đồng biểu diễn, gig, biểu diễn the tiếp theo day, it was an hours hợp đồng biểu diễn, gig, biểu diễn maximum, when it was over i think we all looked at each other and laughed!! Because it seemed bizarre that we flew the whole way over, and all of a sudden we were ready to go home!! Had a really great time though!! :) Unfortunately, on the way over, we had the sad news...
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Standing on a corner watching all the girls go by
Standing on a corner watching all the girls go by
Brother bạn don't know a nicer occupation
Matter of fact, neither do I
Than standing on a corner watching all the girls
Watching all the girls, watching all the girls go by

I'm the cat that got the cream
Haven't got a girl but I can dream
Haven't got a girl but I can wish
So I'll take me down to Main street
And that's where I select my imaginary dish

Standing on a corner watching all the girls go by
Standing on a corner giving all the girls the eye
Brother if you've got a rich imagination
Give it a whirl, give it a try
Try standing on a corner watching all the girls
Watching all the girls, watching all the girls go by

Brother bạn can't go to jail for what you're thinking
hoặc for that woo look in your eye
Standing on the corner watching all the girls
Watching all the girls, watching all the girls go by
When I heard that this week’s theme was “sexuality”, I was excited. I have to admit, the themes of the week are beginning to appeal to me thêm and more. At the beginning I was a little Mất tích with individuality, theatricality and then vulnerability... It took my system a long time to wake up and smell the coffee. I was so pigeon-holed into a certain type of performing that it was a shock to my system to realize that TV was totally different. Sexuality excited me, because I am totally comfortable with my sexuality, and I could not wait to hiển thị that in my performances throughout the week....
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Damian on The Glee Project 103

June 26, 2011

I think would almost rather have a “bigger” vulnerability. This week’s theme was the toughest yet. I am not an insecure person in any shape hoặc form. I am comfortable in my own skin, so finding that makes me vulnerable was incredibly tough. But I think “numb” was the correct word for me. If I had to pick one problem I do have it would be that my feelings constantly change, and sometimes I don’t really feel at all. I thought it was appropriate, but it certainly hid in the background compared to some of the others!!!

The âm nhạc shoot was different...
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xin chào Guys!!
So i đã đưa ý kiến i'd give use a weekly blog, and i will!!
The last week, has been great. I have done little to nothing, and i am just resting, but keeping fit...and spending alot of time with my mates,
The summer is really the only chance i ever get to spend alot of time with them, as when i am here during the year, they are all busy in school!
At the start of the week, a football competition called 'The Foyle Cup' began, it is a cup where teams from all over the northwest compete.
It happens every year, and is a huge event here. There is a few young players every year, who shine!! It is incredible...
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This Moment in time.....
Current mood: accomplished
Hello to all!!
So it has been promised, and here it is!!
It seems like this last week i have had little hoặc no time, especially Monday-Friday, college was extremely busy. It's always tough when i get back from a 3 hoặc 4 week period away, because assignments have always been được trao out, and i come back close to the deadline, therefore i have to have it completed bởi the deadline. Although the assignments are normal, long and boring!!...The course itself i love. I have classes such as singing, acting, directing, producing,...
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