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This CSI - Miami bức ảnh contains nhà ngang, cơ mật, đất closet, jakes, nhà ở, nhà vệ sinh, tủ quần áo trái đất, đương sự, and trái đất tủ quần áo. There might also be ghế ngồi gần cửa sổ, chỗ cửa sổ, phòng khách, phòng sinh hoạt, phòng phía trước, phòng sinh hoạt chung, phòng, phòng trước, tiệm, phủ rơm, and mulch.

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A Strange Way of Falling in tình yêu Chapter OneN2P?
Kyle's POV
I did not understand why I was being sent away from my mom. She was the only family I have and will ever have. All I knew is that I was being sent to some foster care place. I was going to live with other kids; but some how that did not help the situation. It all sounded dumb to me anyways. I did not want to be here. Not at all.
"Hi Kyle," someone đã đưa ý kiến as they came up to me, "I am taking bạn to your foster home. Everything is going to be fine, there is nothing to worry about."
I gave him the dumbest look and followed him. I had already...
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CSI - Miami
A suspect once thought to be dead goes after Kyle's mom.
CSI - Miami
full episode
season 7
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CSI - Miami
david caruso
elizabeth berkley
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