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I’ve read many lists pointing out Twilight “Plot Holes”, but thêm often than not, the lists aren’t very valid at all. Half of them are usually just complaints, pointing out something they don’t like about Twilight (Example:” Why would ma cà rồng go to high school?”, hoặc “Why does Bella have so many friends?”). The rest are just factually incorrect, hoặc can be logically theorized. These are usually followed bởi “Stephenie Meyer obviously ditched history class”, hoặc “Hasn’t Stephenie ever heard of logic?”, hoặc my personal favorite, “I would know, I had a lesson about it...
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{edited, added some stuff, just an informal consideration of a few of the arguments that support the accusation}

"Bella thiên nga is a sociopath."

It’s an extreme statement, to be sure. However, it’s not one to be dismissed offhand, without consideration towards its arguments.

First, here are a couple definitions of the term sociopath.
-Random House Dictionary:
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility hoặc social conscience.
-American Heritage Dictionary of Cultural Literacy:
Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal....
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I would like to note that anne cơm, gạo wrote the entire series before Meyer in case any idea's that anne lấy trộm, đánh cắp it from stephanie __________________________________________________

1. The character louis thinks he deserves to be in hell....hmmmm sound familar to another vampire?Edward perhaps

2.Animal Blood can be drank bởi ma cà rồng but they prefer human blood in Interview with a Vampire AND Twilight soon followed this way

3. The ma cà rồng skin dazzles humans apparently....Which is a lot like the sparkling skin that the cullens posess

4. There are immortal children in both of the books. The unnamed children...
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Source: Paramount and some 70s magazine
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I am totally ignoring Breaking Dawn in this because Stephenie Meyer broke all the rules in there. [Vampires cant have children, they have no body fluids, etc etc]
Reasons i think Jacob is better for Bella than Edward is:
1. Edward/Bellas relationship is based on appearance. She is constantly talking about how good he looks, how velvety his voice is, how graceful he is, etc. She đã đưa ý kiến Jacob was beautiful once hoặc twice and called his new muscles impressive once hoặc that she is jealous of his tan skin. She thinks Edward is too good for her because she looks plain tiếp theo to him. She thinks Jacob is too...
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How Edward Got Bella Pregnant, Why it's Not Sexist, and Why Renesmee Does Not Suffer From Down Syndrome

Youknowit101/Cassie-1-2-3 collaboration.

I asked a câu hỏi a bit cách đây asking what bothers bạn about Bella’s pregnancy. (in a different spot) We got some very interesting answers, thank you. We are now here to respond to the points made.

(Keep in mind that we did not consult anyone associated with the creation of the Twilight Series. We just used logic and text to make sense of everything.)

(I’m going to be using words like penis and orgasm, so if bạn haven’t had a certain talk with your...
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Note: It’s important for me to communicate that I don’t know the tác giả of Twilight hoặc her family personally and I do not intend them any insult; this bài viết is purely academic speculation inspired bởi a story which will remain a timeless work of art. It is the emotional accessibility of the work which makes commentary such as this possible. I may be projecting the whole thing… But that’s exactly why Twilight is so successful, because it invites us so welcomingly into the story!

Every người hâm mộ knows the story of the Twilight Saga.
There are many theories as to what makes the story such a pop-culture...
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Ok, so I visited a fanclub not too long cách đây and I noticed this one câu hỏi I asked; "If Bella killed Renesmee, would Edward forgive her?" hoặc something like that.

I looked at the comments, and at first they were fine. But then as they progressed to the thêm gần đây ones, I had one girl saying what a stupid câu hỏi to ask, and some other crackhead telling me to go f**k myself.

Being my highly emotional self, I was irked to no end and I responded to these comments.

I'm trying to find a way to just xóa this question, because I đã đăng it a năm cách đây and don't even recall the reasons why it was...
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Bella Sawn.... Hmmm.

If my bestfreind has loved me, kissed me, tried to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend, i wouldn't be all cool with him loving my child.... including because she's young and his old.
Bella didn't react properly.
I wanted her to get really mad, i wanted Jacob to be banned from seeing Nessie, not have 10 phút go by, and his aloud to hold her again.

They say bạn dont choose love, tình yêu choose's you.
I believe in that but Reneseme, didn't get a choice? Somehow this imprinting thing assumes the person the wolfs are going to fall inlove with are going to tình yêu them back?

In twilight saga this is the thing i do not understand hoặc get no matter how much i try...
and I just felt the need to let that out LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại even though i have so much thêm i would like to let out.
Hello kittens! This is the danh sách of all of everyone that has won the prestigious award of Kitten of the Fortnight! *Applause, applause* They have contributed to this spot in the best way and are all great representatives of what it is to be an amazing fanpopper. Congratulations to all of the winners and all of the winners to come. And if bạn haven’t won yet- no worries! Every member is doing magnificently and this spot is only going to get better.

*Props go to those in the fanpop users spot who first created the người hâm mộ of the fortnight picks*

Winner of July 17-July 31 2009:

Winner of August...
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Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. She's the blond girl in twilight. The one tricked bởi a modeling scam, the one that hates Bella. We first meet Lauren in the cafeteria, I believe. Almost all Twilight những người hâm mộ do not like her. I mean no disrespect to the ones on this spot hoặc any others, but I do not think she has a reason to be hated. Reasons people give for hating Lauren are similar to the reasons for hating Jessica. "She's rude", "She's mean to bella and stupid", even "she's blond." That last one made no sense to me. The reason Lauren "hates" Bella is because her crush, Tyler, is infatuated with...
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It's called "Daughter of Darkness" bởi V.C. Andrews.

This book was just aweful. It's about a 17 năm old vampire girl named Lorelie Patio (Mary Sue alert!) whos only purpose in life is to be her Daddy's sex slave. This book is filled with shallow evaluations of beauty, anti feminism, poor morals, and disgusting turn of events.

Lorelie has three sisters who are manipulated and emotionally abused bởi their father. The worst thing about it is that it's never seen as a bad thing. It's disguised as fatherly love. None of the characters recognize the manipulation hoặc abuse. bạn have to read between the...
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Well i read twilight saga and i got confused I was thinking of either smashing my head with the book hoặc the tường i mean come on who the f*** makes ma cà rồng sparkle! i mean unless bạn want to give the image that there gay but there daring the oppisite sex.

Moving on anyway i have to compare Harry Potter Series vs. Twilight Saga Harry potter wins major. becuase twilight is just SO predictiable i mean common harry potter makes bạn want to stay at the end of your chair becuase its awesome

any way twilight is an OK book and the twilight movie i have to say it suks. the sách are alright im just hoping that MIdnight sun is a million times better and also i know your gonna ask what team are bạn on im just gonna say I really dont care its not real so why even bother but if i was a Twihard i would choose Team Buffy becuase i want those cullens except ALICE<CARSILE<AND ESME to be killed for good i mean where ta hell id buffy when bạn nees her

i hope bạn see my point PEACE
Credit to _lina_ and cinders, because they did it first. thêm credit to link because that's where this is from. _lina_ used the same one.


Number 1: Someone tells bạn hoặc he admits that he has hit women in the past. He has talked about his killing sprees, he has killed another woman (Yes, she is a vampire. Who cares?) in front of her. Check!

Number 2: He refers to all women he has dated in the past with derogatory terms. He may also refer to his mother using such terms as well. Not sure about checking this one hoặc not. He says she is the first one he dated, but then he talks of Tanya,...
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