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OK, I know bạn guys are thinking: "What?! How dare you! Bella and Edward's tình yêu is the best and most romantic tình yêu of all times!111Elevntyone!!!1" And then, you're going to say I'm just some guy who hasn't read the books. I'm not. I'm a teenage girl, and I have read all the books. Even Bree Tanner and that bit of Midnight Sun on Meyer's website.

I'll just discuss the reasons why it's not true love.

Physical Attraction
...And thêm of it.
Picture this. Our great female lead is in an average high-school cafetaria, surrounded bởi average, high school kids. It's noisy and loud, and she wishes she was...
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I would like to note that anne cơm, gạo wrote the entire series before Meyer in case any idea's that anne lấy trộm, đánh cắp it from stephanie __________________________________________________

1. The character louis thinks he deserves to be in hell....hmmmm sound familar to another vampire?Edward perhaps

2.Animal Blood can be drank bởi ma cà rồng but they prefer human blood in Interview with a Vampire AND Twilight soon followed this way

3. The ma cà rồng skin dazzles humans apparently....Which is a lot like the sparkling skin that the cullens posess

4. There are immortal children in both of the books. The unnamed children...
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Okay most of the Twilight- Haters would say that Edward is too old for Bella and that make him paedophile but I don't think so (not only because I am twilight fan) is because that Edward is literally 17 and he feels and thinks as a 17 năm old. I mean take someone bạn know is really smart that doesnt mean they are have lived any longer than bạn have they just learnt thêm in the years they have lived. I bet bạn they still act their age.
To be quite honest I know a programme that is aired in India as well as here where the Guy is at least 55 years old with 5 kids three of them older than the girl...
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I have read all sách and seen the movies.
Most importantly, the fact that it’s fantaisie doesn’t excuse the themes and messages in the book. Fiction is merely a vehicle humans developed to communicate important lessons, values and philosophies. I am not claiming any of the implications I discuss were intentional on SMeyer’s part. Whether hoặc not the tác giả hoặc readers are aware of it, though, the Twilight series communicates dangerous messages about what is acceptable hoặc admirable hoặc desirable.
Also, I highly recommend link. It’s long, but fascinating and deeper than the sách themselves....
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1. Twilight is the product of an immature writer. It reads like something out of my notebook from freshman year.
2. The only difference between Twilight and is marginally better grammar.
3. And even that isn’t so great sometimes. English major fail.
4. I’ve read fanfiction that is lightyears better than Twitripe.
5. The prose is purple amethyst! Deep, luscious, dazzling amethyst that scintillates and glitters incandescently in the sun!
6. Not to mention, it’s also insanely repetitive.
7. THESAURUS ABUSE! Fancy words are not necessarily better words.
8. The storyline is trite and...
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Okay, i decided to write a critical analysis of a character from the twilight series. My first choice would have been to do one on Bella Swan, but there is already a whole spot dedicated to that, so i decided on my một giây choice: Edward Cullen. So I hauled out all my Twilight sách and combed through them, analyzing and taking notes. Please leave a bình luận on my critical analysis telling me what bạn think, what bạn agree on and what bạn disagree on. Please no nasty comments. Enjoy!
~ ~ ~

Okay, number of the reasons Twilight is so dramatic and sometimes just plain depressing is because...
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We have a discussion on the các diễn đàn here about noteworthy things in twilight. I picked Angela, and now I realize that Jessica is noteworthy, too.

We'll start with Jessica!Hate. Besides Lauren, Jessica is probably the most hated human friend that Bella has. Reasons Twilighters give for this are 'Jessica is a brat', 'she ignores her in book two', 'she's too hyper', and 'i just don't like her'. Some of those are just ridiculous. 'Jessica is a brat'. How? How is Jessica a brat? Answer: She isn't. 'she ignores bella in book two' I'll elaborate on this one later, because it's pretty big. 'shes...
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OK, this is my very first bài viết - I have never written an bài viết for fanpop before. It's a poor excuse if this turns out to be the poorest bài viết ever submitted, but I'm going to use it anyway... please go easy on me xD. This is LONG, so chịu, gấu with me, I appreciate it!

I have been wondering for some time now about Bella's vulnerability, state of mind, and tổng thể mental well-being. New Moon, in the beginning, was my favourite book of the series, for two reasons: Jacob Black was instantly likeable and interesting, winning the tiêu đề of my favourite character, but also the black hole that Bella...
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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett riffing the film New Moon.
Edward Cullen
Bella Swan
Stephenie Meyer
Jacob Black
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Lately, I've heard and seen jokes and các bình luận about Edward being "pathetic" hoặc "gay" because he was a 100 năm old virgin. I've written this bài viết to state that I see no problem in him being a virgin. I feel that virginity is not something to poke fun at. It simply means that someone wants to save themselves for that special someone whom they are going to spend the rest of their life with. I myself am a virgin and plan to stay that way until I get married.

However, I am somewhat confused. If Edward has lived for 100 years and has yet to give himself to anyone, then why does he decide to have...
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