Comparative Religion Need Help with Religious Resource Sites

Gemzies posted on Nov 12, 2008 at 03:07AM

Hey guys I'm trying to put some websites together to educate people about the world's major religions. The sites are at Gemzies and I'm compiling links, books, videos, and audio to help people who want to learn more about the world's religions.

I need the help of others because of the diversity within religious belief systems. Can yall help me out?

So far my friends and I have started sites on Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism. We need your help to make them better and add more religious sites.

Check them out at:
Hinduism: link
Christianity: link
Judaism: link

I need your help to make it better! Come add more links, pics, videos, news, and books.

We need smart well informed people to add their own resources and topics. Please join us in creating a great community resource at Gemzies.

Free and easy. Gemzies is like a more resource oriented version of Wikipedia. Check it out!

Thanks guys and gals!


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