Comparative Religion How the different religions started

Anomalous posted on Jun 24, 2012 at 05:00AM
Here is how I believe the different religions started:

When an ancient people had spiritual encounters, they might have interpreted them differently than someone else and sense most people don't have these kinds of experiences they would believe the interpretation of someone else was "true" and that others were "false" causing religions to form. Because many religions look for converts, they would often have to translate their religious texts and beliefs to the languages spoken by the people the wished to convert. Through mistranslation stories would change a little over time resulting in a slight variation in belief from the original religion and over enough time this could have resulted in entirely new religions

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hơn một năm qua bri-marie said…
I think there were a lot of reasons religions started. I definitely think spiritual encounters (and unexplainable encounters in general) were a part of it. I also think religion provided answers. Not just "what causes lightening" type answers, but also "why are we here?" and "why are we this way and they are that way?" type answers as well. It also, I think, provides solace. We aren't alone (for the religions that believe in deities), we have a purpose, and this life isn't all we have (for those religions that believe in some sort of after-life).