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Poziomka posted on Jan 09, 2012 at 01:05AM
I just watched a movie about apocalypse, and what I recalled was that people often ‘blame’ God for bad things that happened to them (in movies especially).
I mean if you believe in God then you must believe in existence of the devil as well, right? And I was wondering why those people don’t blame the devil for anything.
Do you guys have any considerations about the matter?
And by the way, is there anyone believing in god but not believing in devil (as an opposition to god)?
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hơn một năm qua Nevermore_ said…
I believe in all the gods and goddesses (as different aspects of the same great divine), but I do not believe in the devil as a sense of ultimate evil because i don't believe that anything could have only good or evil in them. All living things have the option to be evil, divine beings included, I'm just thankful they're more inclined to be fair than mean (:

Also, I think the reason people blame their god for the things that go wrong in life as opposed to the devil (for those that believe in if) is that god is suppose to be stronger than the devil and should therefore overcome the devil to make things right instead of leaving them messed up.
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hơn một năm qua livetobefree said…
I believe in both but chose to only keep God in my life because I try not to surround myself with things that make me unhappy. I feel alive through my religion as everyone should.
hơn một năm qua bri-marie said…
Interesting question.

God is supposed to be all powerful. He's more powerful than Satan. So, while Satan (in this monotheistic cosmology) could certainly cause those things, it was God that allowed it. In an indirect way, He was responsible.

I, personally, believe God exists. I believe that Satan exists. However, I don't think that Satan is "evil" or even the "opposite" of God. I think He's just a deity that has a darker side to Him.
hơn một năm qua scourgestar55 said…
srry. i don't believe in that stuff. my god is scourge of bloodclan. i am claw of bloodclan. i will show ya pic of him.
 srry. i don't believe in that stuff. my god is scourge of bloodclan. i am claw of bloodclan. i will s
hơn một năm qua scourgestar55 said…
and a pic of me.
 and a pic of me.