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I must ask this câu hỏi - why do I have to get heated and upset to get results from customer service people?!
Ok before I start rambling about my current frustration..let me fill bạn in on the back story of my current frustration. I am not sure if this promotion is only in America, but for those that don't know what it is:
coke on put codes on all their products.
the amount of points each is worth depends on the size of the cô ca product. for example, 20 oz is worth 3 points while a 30 pack is worth 25 points. bạn enter these codes on the website and bạn can redeem the points for 'rewards.' The...
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 Animal Injured at Event that cô ca nhà tài trợ
Animal Injured at Event that Coke Sponsors
Ask Coca-Cola to Stop Sponsoring Rodeos

Coca-Cola continues to sponsor acts of animal cruelty in rodeos. Rodeos take docile động vật and try to make them seem aggressive. Bulls and ngựa are tormented in the chutes prior to release into the ring. They are forced to wear bucking straps, and the rider uses spurs, which dig into the animals' flesh. Investigators at The Humane Society of the United States have documented rodeo participants across the country using electric prods, flank straps, sharpened sticks, and other pain inflicting devices to frighten động vật into performing. Animal injuries...
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posted by boomboombunni
I tình yêu Coca Cola. I think it is a bottle of happiness!!!!!!!!! I think the cô ca producers slip nicotine into the soda sothat people will drink thêm of it! Don't get me wrong, I tình yêu coke!!! I would live in a house made of cô ca bottles if I could, but seriously, I think there is something addicting in it. Why else would people drink so much of it? I have seen some people carry like a two liter bottle of cô ca aroundwith them! I just want to know why everyone is addicted to Coke!!!!! I want to investagate further, so people, help me out!! Help me investagate, then cooment wat bạn find!