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Quarantine. Everyone dreads it. Others can't take it. But when bạn let Kacey, Kiki, and Wally in the science lab, you're screwed. So when Quarantine hit the KND, everyone was forced to go back to their houses. And they've got Numbuhs 4, 7, and 8 to thank.
Gilligan's House ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"WHY ARE bạn HOME?" Hoagie's Grandmother shouted when Hoagie arrived at his house with his over-night bag, smelling like chemicals.
"My Những người bạn caused our tree-houses to go into quarantine." Hoagie said, rolling his eyes.
"QUARAN- WHAT?" Hoagie's...
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 Wally's changing process (I did not draw this pic)
Wally's changing process (I did not draw this pic)
Everyone’s jobs were done. The decorations were up. The thực phẩm was laid out. The âm nhạc was picked. The party favors were hidden. Everything looked great. Except for one thing. The guests hadn’t arrived.
“Oh come on!” Kiki yelled. She stomped on the floor. She, Megan, and Kacey didn’t have dates. They were going as a group. Yet, Kiki was mad. No guests meant no ice cream.
“Hmm… maybe they’re late?” Megan asked.
“If they were late, SOME kids would’ve shown up.” Kacey said. She checked her watch. 20 phút later, every guest showed up.
“UM?” Abby asked.
“We stopped...
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Halloween was DEFINETLEY in the air around the treehouse. Not just because of the decorations and Hoagie's corny jokes, but because Kuki, Kiki, and Wally were about as grumpy as a vampire who didn't get any sleep. Since last night's prank, Numbuhs 3 and 8 had been plotting to get back at Wally....and did so this morning: He woke up to Kuki's giant inflatable "Clownin' Around" cầu vồng Monkey in his face. Kacey had entered the mission prep room with a big rolled-up piece of paper.
"Trick-or-treating plans?" Abby asked.
"Trick-or-treating plans." she answered. She rolled out the blueprints, and...
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The movie had started out with a young Celestia and Luna working at a tapioca bánh pudding as slaves for the evil Grandfather.They however were sick of working for him and rebelled against him.He however was furious and wanted to punish them, but was blasted away bởi the time he reached the count of zero.33 years later, Grandfather would get his revenge on Celestia and Luna and give them another chance.After fightning away some villains, Grandfather was reawakened bởi Luna, however Grandfather shunned her and scared her off for good.After doing so, he got to work transforming the villianous and non...
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I know that a lot of bạn want this hiển thị back, so here is a petition created to try and get a new Kids tiếp theo Door series on TV! :D bạn can even watch a little xem trước of what they have planned for it bởi going to, click on the button, click on the Monkey's nose, it will change, then type in GALACTIC. Then you'll be được trao a video that will hiển thị bạn what they have planned for this series if it comes to be, and it shows how much thêm intense it might be, and will give bạn a lot to think about.

All of the "younger" operatives (Maddy, Val, Minerva, and Chris) screamed and ran to one of the older operatives (Chris and Val to Kiki, Maddy to Megan, and Minerva to Kuki). Well, what do bạn expect? They hated power outages.
Kacey rolled her eyes.
"Great. JUST GREAT . We're trapped with a bunch of villains (who had escaped moments ago) in a snowstorm without power."
David stood up and headed out the door. Before he did, he turned and said:
"Well, I'm gonna go before this gets out of hand.
So....screw you, guys. I'm going home! (South Park reference FTW). 2 phút later, he came back with icicles...
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When lunch rolled around, Kuki skipped around until she found one of her new friends.
"Hiiiiiiiii, Abby!!" she squealed.
Abby cringed. Kuki's high-pitched squeal and her hypersensitive hearing was a bad combo.
"Hey!" she answered while rubbing her ear.
Kuki sat down and opened her lunchbox.
"Hmmmm....You wanna trade something?" she asked.
"Like what?"
"My turkey sandwich, bánh sandwich for your PB and J?"
Abby handed over her sandwich, bánh sandwich and immediatly began eating.
"I LUUUUUUUF TURKEY SAMMWICHES", she đã đưa ý kiến with her mouth full, "Mow's your BB and J?"
Kuki didn't answer. She was too busy staring at Eddy.
Abby swallowed...
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The tiếp theo few classes were a mixed bag. Some went without hassle and others....well....let's just say that Kiki should cut down on watching "Rocky and Bullwinkle", Wally should cut down on wrestling, and Kacey, Megan, Kuki, and Val should REALLY take an anger management class.
Especially considering what happened when they went shopping for formal wear:
Mr. M. had taken everyone to "Tres Cher" (French for "Very Expensive") to pick out their outfits for the bữa tối, bữa ăn tối tommorow.
"Oooooooh! Wally, what do bạn think of THIS one?" Kuki asked....
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Everyone was paired up in the auditorium. Kuki was paired with Wally (I can hear the fangirls shrieking with joy...XD), Minerva was with Maddy, Megan was with Hoagie (go figure), Abby was with Christian, Kacey was with David (much to her dismay), Raleigh was with Emma, and Kiki was with Val.
"Ok, do bạn guys remember how this works?" Mr. M. asked for what seemed the billionth time.
"YES!" Everyone groaned.
Mr. M. clicked the play button on the radio, and some "old-timey" âm nhạc started playing...and bởi "old-timey", I don't mean the Rolling Stones. I mean like "stuff from the 1800's". THAT OLD....
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"That's stupid!" Wally and Lexi đã đưa ý kiến simulataneously.
"But it's perfect! We just take what we need hoặc the last periods of the ngày and we're trang chủ free!"
"Actually, that IS a good idea..." Abby said.
Kiki smirked.
"See? At least SOMEONE likes my ideas!"
Kacey rolled her eyes. Kiki opened her locker.
"Alright, toss whatever bạn don't nessicarily need in here."
Several of the kids tossed their stuff in.
"C'mon Raleigh, do bạn REALLY need the Goldfish?"
"YES. I'll die without it!"
"She will, too! I've seen her do it." Kacey added.
Abby did a facepalm.
Kiki looked at Val.
"Empty the pockets."
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Kiki explained to Kacey and the others what had happened. In short, thực phẩm and chairs were thrown, kids were tackled AND a new policy was put in place: all the kids in the tiếp theo two lunch periods would have their bags checked.....cuz appereantly, SOME kids had silly string, water balloons and even drugs (no lie) in their backpacks. A lot of the other kids groaned, Kacey had a WTF moment, and Kiki pouted and whined...typical. Then the chuông, bell rang for 6th period. Kiki stormed out of the classroom, muttering some not-so G-rated words under her breath. Every so often, Val would ask what a few of the...
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Numbah3:Numbah1 my closet,bed,and room are all filled puh-lease!


Numbah3:stop calling them stupid!

Numbah2:seriously numbah3 we need to steer..okay?



Numbah3:Abbey?(everyone but them leaves)


Numbah3:Why are bạn looking at numbah2 like that?

Numbah5:None of your beeswax alright!

Numbah3:C,mon bạn gotta tell me!

Numbah5:Numbah5 doesn't have to tell bạn anything!
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