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Monday July 15th ngày 1 - yêu thích Character

Tuesday July 16th ngày 2 - yêu thích OTP hoặc yêu thích non romantic relationship

Wednesday July 17th ngày 3 - yêu thích Knightmare hoặc yêu thích Geass

Thursday July 18th ngày 4 - yêu thích Character from your yêu thích organization (Knights of Round,Student Council, Black Knights,Geass Cult,any others I missed here) hoặc yêu thích Royal Family Member (this can include characters outside of the Britannian Royal Family like the ones in Resurrection like Shamna and Shario)

Friday July 19th ngày 5 - yêu thích Scene hoặc yêu thích Episode

Saturday July 20th ngày 6 - Character Who Grew on bạn hoặc Character with the best development

Sunday July 21st ngày 7 - Celebrate the end of CG Week your own way hoặc yêu thích Quote from Your yêu thích character from ngày 1
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King Charles is 1 of the main Code Geass villains. King Charles is 1 of Code Geass' most hated characters. Is is hatred worth it? Is he a good character?

Before I answer that here's some info about King Charles:

Wife: Marianne

Daughters: Cornelia, Euphemia, Nunnally

Sons: Lelouch, Schneizel, Clovis, Odysseus

King Charles is a harsh and eccentric person. He's the Emperor of Britannia who forced Nhật Bản to be named Area 11. His plan was to destroy the Gods which he thought would make Earth a better place. King Charles isn't that nice to his kids. He's pretty much only polite to the people that...
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