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9/7/08 Unforgiven. Beat Batista, Kane, JBL, Rey Mysterio.
11/3/08 Regained the tiêu đề from Batista.
12/9/01 Vegeance. Beat Stone Cold Steve Austin.
World Tag Team Championship
5/21/02 w/Chris Benoit. Beat HHH & Stone Cold Steve Austin.
10/22/01 w/The Rock. Beat The Dudley Boyz.
10/14/02 w/Christian. Beat Kane & Hurricano.
Intercontinental Championship
12/12/99 Beat Chyna.
1/3/00 Beat Chyna.
1/23/00 Beat Chyna & Bob Holly.
5/4/00 Beat Chris Benoit.
11/21/01 Beat Chris Benoit.
9/16/02 Beat Rob van Dam.
10/27/03 Beat Rob van Dam.
9/2/04 Beat Christian.
3/10/08 Beat Jeff Hardy.
Hardcore Title
5/28/01 Beat The Big Show.
European Title
4/2/00 Beat Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle
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posted by Rianfinan
If bạn tìm kiếm when bạn get to sing with Chris Jericho on tiktik you'll see a video of a man called Jamie Callaghan hát with his hero Chris Jericho and had admired since he was a child and I know Jamie really well and he knows just about everything about every wrestler famous to unknown and Jamie is an extremely talented musician in a band called tüsk. He always tells me about all the great ways to train and warn up your voice he is also at a hợp đồng biểu diễn, gig, biểu diễn almost every single night and he is a father of two and has a step son that he just treats amazingly. That's all I have to say Mabye consider looking him up on YouTube and TikTok he is an amazing person and doesn't get the credit he deserves.
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chris jericho
posted by Lucia322
Come on, (Jerichooo)
You know I got ya,yeah
One, break the tường down,
(Break down the walls),

For those about to rock, and what ya want?
Baby bạn know you're Judas and I'm your priest.
Baby what I got is not from the least
Bring it through the stage in the rage I'm the beast.
Step in the arena and break the tường down,
Step in the arena and break the tường down

So good (you know I got ya), sooo right,
Yeahhh, yeah.

I'm awaken from a deep sleep,
You're all weak,
You're living in the agony of defeat
I am the master of your whole heap
I am the pasture flock ya like sheep.
Step into the town and break the walls...
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