những người nghiện phim hoạt hình thời thơ ấu biểu tượng Contest! Round 31: Laughing Heroine

ajotma posted on Nov 17, 2011 at 12:55AM
Hi there! BelleAnastasia said I could run this contest! So here it is!

Each week we'll have a new topic, and everyone may submit 1 icon, related to the topic.
Everyone will have exactly 1 week to submit their icons.
At the end of the week I'll make a pick, and the winner will receive 1 prop from me.

The winner in each round will also have the opportunity to choose the topic for the round in two weeks. I will give them 7 days to choose a topic, and if they don't I will choose a topic. So the winner of round 1 will choose a topic for round 4 and so on... (this is done in order to have a round each week, and not having to wait for somebody while there is no round currently running!)

Icons need to be 200x200 pixels or smaller.

Have fun!


Round 21: Black and White Icon Except for Eyes. --- diluka96

Round 22: Heroine and Love Interest Icon: ---- milky-way

Round 23: Pink Icon: ---- cheshire

Round 24: Icon with a Quote from a Lady Gaga Song: ---- alexon31

Round 25: Heroine with a Flower: ---- Safira-09

Round 26: Derpy Heroine: ---- Safira-09

Round 27: Young Heroine (Alice, Lilo, etc.): ---- Safira-09

Round 28: Valentine's Day Icon: ---- Safira-09

Round 29: Icon with Lyrics from a Queen song: ---- LionaChoco

Round 30: Icon with a yellow border: link

Round 31: Laughing Heroine
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