Chevrolet Which Chevy do bạn hate most? (feel free to add others that I didn't add)

Pick one:
Chevy Camaro
Chevy Tahoe (haha Tarwhore)
Chevy Suburban
Chevy Cavalier
Chevy Silverado
Chevy Cobalt
Chevy Venture
Chevy Uplander
Chevy Equinox
Chevy HHR
Chevy SSR
Chevy Colorado
Chevy Aveo
Chevy Express
Chevy Malibu
Chevy Traverse
Chevy Trailblazer
Chevy CorvETTE (girly isn't it)?
Chevy Impala
Cheapest Heaps Ever Visualized Yet! HAHA
none I tì nh yê u Chevy
none I tình yêu Chevy
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