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posted by kittycain99
In my life I faced many challenges, I hated who I was, I just didn't want to face life anymore I was slowly fading away, until first heard the words behind Linkin Park. Chester Bennington's words in his songs saved my life and made me feel a deeper connection with my self and I wish I could thank him, when i found out that he passed I cried for days and was very tim, trái tim broken some way some how I wish I could have helped Chester as he did for me. i could hear the hurt in his voice in each song he sang but there was nothing I could do and till this ngày it kills me. but I shall carry on Chester's memories as I play a Linkin Park album every day. I tình yêu everything about Linkin Park and pray they carry on with the band not only for them hoặc the những người hâm mộ but for Chester!! I wish I could meet them!
well, chester Bennington has the best voice ever!!!HE has a really cute face even though my Những người bạn say that he makes them feel a bit scared n some pics.!i don't really believe that...anyway...when i listen to his songs(linkin park's) i really feel relaxed and...rapidly some energy appears!!!about his are just great but don't bạn think on his chest they are too many?I fid them really nice though!omg!why am i talking about chaz?why am i nghề viết văn this? he is just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD!