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It's been a while since the Finale of 'Charmed' and Alyssa Milano's presence in lâu đài was a huge refresher. So we honestly get to meet Castle's first true love, hoặc as he put it '...the one that got away'. How many of us can relate? First there is the 'let's take a break' test of time, then there is the looking back wondering; what if the one that got away didn't leave?

Milano played Kyra, Castle's past tình yêu and the bride who stumbled upon her bridesmaid's lifeless body. If that didn't spoil the wedding, surely seeing your old flame after many years of no contact would do the trick. This was...
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Finally, Beckett is open to finding the culprit behind her mother's killer. So here we are thinking it's just going to be another case solver, with Beckett and lâu đài joking around, having fun, then there is the 'wake up call' of Beckett's Mother's unsolved case. What are we going to do now? This plot was well executed. There were parts of the episode I Mất tích track of; like how Beckett's mother died and the entire situation circling her mother, since the writers took so long to finally tackle it, but I got back on track soon enough.

I did not expect Beckett's mom to be brought up anytime soon,...
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