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Today's the Day!
It's the ngày we've all been waiting for -- FusionFall is totally live and ready to welcome the world. If you've joined us during our Sneak Peek events, then bạn know the Cartoon Network Universe needs a hero just like you! Get your game face on -- the battle awaits. Jump right in and play for FREE!
Access to a limited portion of the FusionFall world
Ability to collect up to 4 Nanos
Ability to create 2 characters
No credit card required
Subscription Options
Unlocking all of FusionFall's premium content (and there's a LOT of it) is as easy as choosing a subscription plan. We have several...
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*Peskie Ponies turn around*

Fuse:Welcome Tennysons,And Dexter and his wimpy computer.

Dexter:DONT CALL HER COMPUTER! shes as normal as can be!

*Ben Turns jetray and zaps the pesky ponie holding him*

*Ben flys off*

Ben:Ill warn the others and tell them where bạn are!

Fuse:Bens gone, now it will be easier to take u down.Muhahhahahahahahahaah!

*Fusion Eduardio and fusion coco come from behind them being held bởi Fusion Dexter and Fusion tetrax*
Gwen:Let them... *she turns full anodite form* GOOOOO!!!!!

*she zaps pesky ponie and tehy turn to tiny tiny marbles of fusion matter*

Gwen: Ill give u one chance...
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