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#1: NIGHTMARE ON ELMS đường phố, street REMAKE:
As far as "unneeded remakes" go.
This is actually pretty enjoyable.

Earl Haley tried SO hard to be the tiếp theo Robert England.
And, bạn know what.
Earl dose a GREAT job.

Dospite what everyone says. Earl Hickey really understand the "heart" of Freddy Krueger (before he became a wise cracking, spoof of himself).

Freddy was originally a very "mysterious" character.
And Earl brought this back.

Originally. bạn never understand "why" this guy is appearing in your dreams.
* Why he's chasing you.
* hoặc even who he is.
That's the fear.

That, and the fact Freddy is sadistic. So bạn know he's gone tình yêu every MOMENT of your suffering (that's what I feel still made him "creepy" in the sequels).



Who ever played Michael Myers..
I have to admit.
He scared the SHIT out of me.. Particularity in the prison escape scene, when Myers smashed that cop's face into the wall..


#3: PURGE:

I probably don't need to explain bởi this point



These are the type of films bạn have to see yourself, to understand what kind of films they REALLY are. Not what people CLAIM they are.
They are actually very smart films.
Not just the torture porn people think they are..



Jim Carrey is hilarious here.

Ignore Nostaglia Critic's whining of it.
This is the same guy that ripped on Signs

Doug, I tình yêu bạn man.
But bạn when your wrong. Your VERY wrong..


#6: NUMBER 23:

Jim Carrey CAN be serious in a film.

And he's GOOD at it..

Really good actually. He didn't diserve that raspberry,
Damn bạn hollywood!



It's not actually THAT bad.
And I really like those actors.
(yes, even Adam Stander sometimes).

But seriously Adam. What happened to you!!?
Your mean use to MEAN something, back in the days of Happy Gilmour..



Hey.. It's Seth Macfarlane. This guy can do ANYTHING..



Sorry Nostaglia Critic.. I like this movie.



Hey.. I laughed.. Even if it was just me, doing so :)
Nostalgia Critic: DUMBASS! DUMBASS, DUMBASS, DUMBASS, DUMBASS! How much of a DUMBASS are you?! In fact, if bạn look up "dumbass" in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of...
[The Critic looks up the dictionary entry for "Dumbass," expecting to find a picture of Doug, but instead finds a picture of Tommy Wiseau bởi the entry]
Nostalgia Critic: WELL, IT SHOULD BE bạn IN THERE!

Nostalgia Critic: Pain is just God's way of telling bạn to try harder!

Mark: I used to know this girl who had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it, beat her up so bad she wound up in a hospital on Guerrero...
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Nazi Officer 1: The hell is she hát now?

Nazi Officer 2: I have no idea, I think it was được ưa chuộng a couple years back.

Nazi Officer 3: At least she is no longer on about the ponies, and the friendship, and the wrapping up of winter!

[During this, Rip sings the lines I just wanna tell bạn how I'm feeling; Gotta make bạn understand~! in the background.]

[Cut back to Rip singing.]
Rip: Never gonna give bạn up, never gonna let bạn down, never gonna run around and desert you~! Never gonna make bạn cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you~!

[She suddenly collapses and trembles...
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Frank enters the bathroom.,
Brandon: The movement is growing.. Soon, where all be part of the change.
Frank: (takes an unnecessary picture of Brandon).
Brandon: (angry) DID bạn JUST TAKE MY PICTURE!?
Frank: Yes I did Dude.
Brandon: Why would bạn do that!?
Frank: I was bored.. Anyway, bạn should come with me to the an toàn, két an toàn house where it's safe.
Brandon: (sarcastically) Really!? The an toàn, két an toàn house is SAFE!? I totally didnt gather that something with the word an toàn, két an toàn house, would be SAFE!?
Frank: Yes. Excatly. It's not an toàn, két an toàn out here, there's a bunch of zombies.. Along with an crazy psychopath, called Brandon...
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Pinkie Pie as Ike Barinholtz

SLIM SHADY hiển thị reaction videos... Part 1/8
currently part 5

bánh nướng nhỏ 4

AppleJack as Christian A. Pierce

cầu vồng Dash as Jimmy Tatro

bánh nướng nhỏ 3

The first impression I EVER had to My Little Pony...



MLP reaction video

ngựa con, ngựa, pony videos

Freddy Krueger

bánh nướng nhỏ 2


South Park 2

bánh nướng nhỏ - Vermillion

south park

Spike as Jimmy Tatro

Scary ponies

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Only reason there last is because I haven't really been lessening to them as much I use too.
But don't get me wrong.
Once bạn get me into playing one of their songs on YouTube.
I have to play ALL thir songs.. :)


There both from my childhood AND one of my trang chủ towns (Norwood). So how could I NOT add them..

#7: FAT JOE:

The type of band where, even though they have lots of screaming moments, the singer is always "20% cooler" when using his normal voice.. Espically in the chorus of Sulfer and Vermillion..

On of the most skilled...
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The famish serial killer known as Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger might of had an tragic childhood.
But Krueger Mất tích EVERY right to be sympathized with.
The death of his abusive stepfather might of been called for a bit.
But there's NO way all those innocent children deserved to die as well.
His actions eventually earned him the alias "Springwood Slasher", where he killed several kids inside a boiler room within an old power plant where he used to work. When his wife, Loretta, discovered his secret, he strangled her in front of his daughter, Kathryn, who also found out about...
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MAN: Young man? bạn trapped in the Seventies? Nobody says "young man".
What else bạn gonna say? "Fresh"?
LAZLOW: Look--whatever, homeboy. Listen. Tell me what the kids are into. I gotta connect with the kids. Not my private parts, bạn know, but--that's for online--but, what are bạn out doing?
MAN: Yo, I'm delivering weed.
LAZLOW: But, you--you're only like thirteen.
MAN: Exactly. I won't go to prison.

GIRL: Yeah, um, oh, my God, am I on the radio!?
LAZLOW: Do bạn not realize that? This is a microphone, stupid!

Alan McClean: Speaking gives an atmosphere of fear!.. Waterboarding gives an atmosphere...
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