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When two hearts come together
They work as one
And nobody can break them apart
The tình yêu is to strong
And it is so nice
To be so calm
It makes me feel
As if everything
Is light and bright
And the darknes is gone
The pace never slows
But never speeds up
Because they work as one
One tim, trái tim
Two lovers
Everything is sweet
Like Candy
And nice
Like a cool breeze on a hot day
When the hearts work as one
Nothing is hard
The feeling is great
The touch is sweet
tình yêu is not complicated
When the hearts work as one
posted by prettypianogirl
I’ve seen every episode of Jessie, any appearance he’s ever made in any hiển thị hoặc movie, I’ve paid money to go to special screenings of descendants 1,2,& 3, and when I heard about Cameron’s death I ran to my room shut the door and cried myself to sleep. The tiếp theo morning I discovered that everyone was in as much pain as I was, then I thought... I can’t imagine the pain that his family is going through, his mother, father, sister, and all of those others close to him. A few days later I discovered that there was a fundraiser for him. At that moment it hit me, he’s really dead, so I contributed to that foundation immediately. Still every night since his death, I’ve cried myself to sleep, I just want his Những người bạn and family to know that we all care about him very much and I’m here for you, we all are, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. Whatever bạn need, I’m here, we’re here.
We’re here for our cute, funny, freckled, star!
posted by brebre12345678
Cameron boyce and I in tình yêu he his my boyfriend I wish we could just Kiss my name is breana bạn could just can
call me bre I bet bạn he will tình yêu me ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

He tình yêu me I think but I guess
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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posted by rocksome
I know cameron. And he is a little strange. HE goes to the same school as me, SOCES. One thing is his freckles. IF bạn have ever seen him in person he has much thêm freckles than bạn think he does. Second, he is very short. We are in fifth grade and i am 4'9. HE probably about 4'5, 4'6.Another thing is that he writes very interesting stories in english class. He also loves hugging high school girls. Him and his Những người bạn will go around the school hugging high school girls.It's fun to watch. Lastly, he likes to brake dance randomly in the middle of recces hoặc lunch. Hope bạn learned about cameron. If bạn have any questions, just ask me!
posted by ameliacramer
He is 5 foot 3 . He is 14 .Birthday may 28 1999. His yêu thích color is blue and fav animal dog . He used to go to soces high school but now homeschooled.his Facebook is cameron boyce the thông tin các nhân picture is him on the computer and Instagram is called itscamboyce. His yêu thích hiển thị is jessie 2nd is Austin And ally his fav episode is New Years with Austin and ally. He dated Peyton danh sách Emma from Jessie then a người hâm mộ called Vanessa thim. They broke up a week ago.he has 1 sister called maya boyce and a dad victor boyce . Mom called Libby boyce .dog is Cienna . He lives in Burbank California la and I know all of this bởi Twitter Facebook and ask fm . Twitters account is thecameronboyce. His best friend is jake madeson. I am a huge fan!
posted by pinkgirlem2002
Ok so yall keep asking for Camerons number and address. Well if yall were real những người hâm mộ bạn would let the boy have his privice if bạn were famoise would bạn want people nocking on your door are your phone ringing of the hook.Why do bạn think he does not tell you.If he was not famose would bạn want to be his girlfriend.Probeble not enlise bạn new him are yall were realy good Những người bạn but what im saying is bạn would not even know him if he was not famose.That's all I have to say.

posted by bacongirl6112
me and cameron have been Những người bạn sense we were 8 he called me a few hours cách đây and he dosent want anyone giving out his number email hoặc pesonal info. what he loves most of all is loyalty and truth he wants all those stalkers to admit they are not dating him because he is not dating someone right now but i do know who he like but please for cameron stop giving out his info and stop lying if i have to ill get him on the sight to tell u guys to stop in a video ok just stop please if u guys want any requests go to my tường tell me them ill see wat cam can do ok i dont want u guys to riot against me just calmly answer plz no hurtful coments plz
posted by cb22
I think Cameron is sooooooo cute!!!!! I know that every girl says that they tình yêu him the absolute most that is possible, but I think that that is a big over statemant. And I know that I am probably not the type of girl that he would ngày even though we both have a birthday in May, we're both dancers, and we both tình yêu to act. Haha, if bạn are still đọc this bạn are probably really bored, but I dont care. Go ahead, click exit I wont mind much. But just know that if bạn are one of the girls I mentioned earlier, get a life. Thanks if bạn read this whole thing, I will try to write more. Thanks, bye!!!!
posted by KaylaShea
bạn may have seen the trước đó bài viết and yes he is weird because I know him because my moms best friend is his aunt but that is better than boring. I am a người hâm mộ because he is my friend but Im not obssesed like some of bạn lol. He is actullay very funny but he is really random! When I first met him we talked and stuff and he all the sudden is like "My freckles get me all the attention because I am carribean" and we both start cracking up (you would think it was funny if bạn were there and talking to him). He sometimes snorts when he laughs wich I think is funny. It's actullay kinda cute in a little boy kinda way. He is pretty short but hes not super short. He is weird because he jokes about gross stuff with his Những người bạn but thats what dude do lol. Typical boy :P
posted by lilboosiecrazy
C.B. Is 15 in 2014 His chó name is Cienna his dads name is Victor Boyce His sisters name is Miaya Boyce his girlfriend is PeytonList aka Emma Ross He ❤s the color blue his fave thực phẩm is tacos he loves his family 👪 he's really cute.......

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And that's. The...Cameron...Boyce storie
i know EVERYTHNG about cameron boyce!! heres a danh sách of thngs i know bout him!
1.He was born May 28,1999
2.His yêu thích kind of dancing is breakdancing
3.He started modeling at age 7
4.He was on Grownups, Mirrors, Eagle Eye, n Judy Moody
5.He starred in Shake It Up n Good Luck Charlie
6.He was on Dancing with the stars and Americas Got talent
7.He has a sister
8.Hes now on "Jessie"
9.His Facebook page iz...well i cnt tell u but i know it!!
10.His email, well i cnt tell u!
posted by bellyboo18
I know cameron boyce hes my friend in school and out of it he comes to my house sometimes. He loves to dance with me i taught him some moves he taught me some moves! He loves his freckles and i do to. Hes good at hát to he came to my house once and sang a song to me hes really good!!!!! He is at my house now his mom is talking to mine. Hes in a scarf and coat. With jeans!!!!!!!!!! Im going to see him in school tomorrow yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!! I just asked my mom if he could sleep over hes excided!
All of bạn fellow Truthanaters, I hope bạn understand that I am nghề viết văn this to get my tim, trái tim and opinion out. We all tình yêu Cameron, and we hope we could meet him someday, but do bạn really think we have a chance? He is a celebrity, and we are just ordinary people hoping and wishing we have a chance. He loves us and is glad that he haves us, but do bạn he would have the time to actually ngày us. He has a job where he is always busy. Cameron probably wants a fellow celebrity that knows and understands his schedule. Please dont think I am downing your dreams to ngày him, because trust me, I want to ngày him, too. I am a devoted truthanater as well.
posted by uniquejohnson
when tình yêu is in the air bạn see someone that u like but they dont feel the same about you. bạn mightr and its life bạn got your tim, trái tim broken hoặc got dumped but one ngày a female hoặc male will say my life is gone but never say never so bạn will see your tim, trái tim broke go up to the person and say are bạn ok bạn become best Những người bạn and bạn start to hang one of yall ask each other want to ngày hoặc then bạn get married and have kids so thats tình yêu and thats how tình yêu goes in life bad this happen tim, trái tim broken and other things good no tim, trái tim is broken
posted by LoveManOfSteel
See I like Cameron but I do not tình yêu him see what's the point in loving someone if bạn never will see them. I hate the people that say this is Cameron Boyce's phone number it's not right to give it away because maybe Cameron just wants his privacy. I know how it fills when bạn have a dream about kissing a celebrity it means nothing because it's your mind playing tricks on you. See I have had dreams where I was fighting zombies and me and Cameron were killing them and at the end he kissed me hoặc I played an excellent game of football and we won the game and he kissed me. It's just don't think his going to be like Romeo hoặc Siêu nhân and come sweep bạn off your feet but I just wanted to say what I had to say and I don't want no one to be man at me because it's my opinion so thanks for listing to my nagging.
posted by TheAshleyWeston
Okay guys, I know we all tình yêu Cameron. Some tình yêu him as a người hâm mộ and some tình yêu him as a stalker. Either way, we all tình yêu him. And I'm just as hopeful as bạn guys that I'll meet him and we could be Những người bạn hoặc maybe more. But girls (or guys I don't judge) we really need to face reality. The only way we would ever have a chance with Cameron is if we were celebrities. It's unlikely he would ngày someone that's not a celebrity, but not impossible. And bạn would also have to live somewhere near him. If bạn live on the east coast like me, we don't really have very much of a chance. I don't think Cameron...
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