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Cinders posted on Jan 19, 2009 at 11:22PM
I know people were talking about crossovers, and how they can't happen due to the fact that Buffy is Dark Horse and Angel is IDW, but it wouldn't really be all that continuous anyway, since Buffy and Angel are no longer synced up like they were when they were on TV, right? Buffy Season 8, for example, corresponds with Angel Season 5, which means the events in Angel Season 6 don't parallel Buffy Season 8 anyhow... right?

Well, of course, unless you're saying that Buffy Season 8 is a year after season 7, which is possible, in which case the comics would line up, time-wise.

Which would you prefer? If the Angel/Buffy comics were out of sync with each other (Angel being a year ahead) or if they were in sync with each other (events in Buffy 8 correspond with events in Angel 6)?

In the hypothetical event of a crossover (I know, unlikely due to company politics, but still), which would you prefer? If something happened in Angel with Buffy that forshadowed Buffy's future, or if something happened in Buffy that corresponded with Angel's present?

Am I making sense at all?

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hơn một năm qua deathtokennedy said…
why doesnt darkhorse own angel anymore!?!?! damn where have i been.