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After Blossom beat-up Dexter she felt bad. Dexter was in his secret lab crying.But then he said: "I want Blossom! so bad!" cried Dexter."What am I going 2 do?" Then he had an idea!"I know!" Dexter yelled. "I am going to spread a rumor that Berserk&Brick tình yêu and slept with eachother!" he yelled."Or should I crush Brick like I did the last time?" He thought. "No I will go with the first one." đã đưa ý kiến Dexter. He told the whole world! It was on the news,too! Blossom herd,Then she went to Brick's house. Brick aswered the door."Brick! how could you?" Blossom said."What?" đã đưa ý kiến Brick."You tình yêu Berserk!"...
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posted by BricknButtercup
(Okay we are at the doc. Brick just told BLossom and Buttercup hes in tình yêu with both of them.) Blossom ,and Buttercup just stare. Boomer ,and Butch have fled the doc. Bubbles has been Mất tích in không gian since he đã đưa ý kiến it. Blossom and Buttercup look up at echother. "Hes mine! Oh no hes not yours!! Yes he is!!" They both screamed. Brick plaind to get away ,but befor he could Blossom had him bye his jaket. "Were do bạn think bạn are going !!!???" "Um right now? No were?" Brick was qkick to answer not wanting to make Blossom mader than she was . "Why did bạn not tell me when bạn onley liked me...."Blossom...
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posted by Berserk7864
Her two những người đang yêu are fighting...
Brick-Blossom is mine!
Dexter-No! She's mine!
Blossom-I'll choose. Dexter!
Brick-What! You've got to be friggin' kidding!
Dexter-She made her choice, get over it!
Blossom-I'm not finished! I chose Dexter to get out of my life!
Brick-So bạn didn't chose Dexter. Right?
Blossom-I chose Brick because I loved him the first time I saw him and when he was rivied.
Dexter-I'll get bạn for this, Brick.
After that...
Buttercup-Almost done, Bubbles?
Bubbles-Yea. BTW where's Blossom?
Blossom-I'm here!
Buttercup-Are still hangin out with four-eyes?
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posted by ppgFireball
SB: Dude, what are bạn doing?
Brick: it's hot out here. must...get...home.
SB: hi Berserk :D
Berserk: di chuyển it, Starbitch.
SB: D:. but it's Starbright.
Berserk: Brick, it's an emergency.
Brick: my dad is gay?! oh no! this can't be happening!!!!!
Berserk: no bạn idiot, everyone's turning into Dexter.
Boomer: I'M DEXTER!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! MY FACE LOOKS HORRIBLE!!!! *runs around screaming*
Brick: he looks fine.
Berserk: if bạn need me i'll be in my dimension. *goes back to Viletown*
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posted by ppgFireball
Dexter: what in the world are bạn doing?!
Blossom: i'm out of bullets!
Dexter: *activates lasers* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
*everyone flies out of Dexter's lab except for Dexter*
Dexter: bạn BETTER RUN...I mean...FLY!
Meanwhile with the other three...
Berserk: ok we need to go in quietly.
Brick: what if we get caught?!
Berserk: quiet!
SB: what if he kills us?!
Brick and SB: *are silent*
Berserk: okay, come on.
back to the other group.
Blossom: we're gonna try this again. okay?
Everyone: *nods*
Blossom: come on.
back to Team Berserk...
Berserk: almost there. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH...
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posted by BricknButtercup
 Im sorry Buttercup....
Im sorry Buttercup....
(At the doc. Brick called everyone to let them know.Buttercup is getting her cast put on. out side with Blossom,Boomer ,Butch,Bubbles,and Brick.) "How did this happien?"Bubbles ask. "WHY IN THE WORLD DID bạn BREAK MY SISTERS WRIST!!!"Blossom screamed at Brick. Brick looked at her real sad ,and said. "Well I wasnt looking were I was going and she wasnt looking were she was going then....Bam! We ran into eachother." Brick explaind real fast. Butch was standing eaver so thêm close to Bubbles now. Blossom stared at Brick when he was done so did Boomer and Bubbles. "Well wat the heak was she looking...
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posted by boomerloverfan
One ngày The Powerpuff Hotline Rang.
Blossom: Hello?

Ms. Bellum: Girls! 2 Boys Are Fighting: A Scientist And A RowdyRuff Boy!

Blossom: We Are On Our Way!

Then The Girls See.

Blossom: Brick!

Then The Scientist Sees Blossom.

The Scientist: WOW! She Is The Most Beautiful Girl I've Ever Seen! Yoo Hoo! Come Over Here Beautiful Girl!

Blossom: What Is It? Who Are You?

The Scientist: Allow Me To Introduce Myself. Im Dexter BoyGenius.

Brick: Hey! Blossom Is My Girl! Stay Away From Her Dorkster!

With Brick's Layser Eyes He Shocks Dexter.

Then Dexter Uses His Big Giantgantic Robot And Crushes Brick.

Then Blossom...
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posted by bcthestrongest
Demon was just walking trang chủ from school when she heard a sound coming from the bushes she walks toward it and sees a blond a raven hair and red head boy taking a old lady money xin chào you! she scream the boys turn around yes đã đưa ý kiến the dumb one give the money back hoặc faces the rather of demon the boys started to laugh and continue their job Demon started to turn into a Demon she had red beaming eyes and blast the raven hair boy she blast the blond one the red head started to dash away but Demon went and had him in choke hold she smile now give the money back to the old lady demon đã đưa ý kiến he started...
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posted by awesome23
--where we were last at--
blake:watch this!
isabelle:blake dont!!!
brick:whats he gonna do?!
isabelle:get blake away from!!
blake:stay away from me!!--pushes brick--
blossom:whats going on!!
blake:brick just attacked me!
blossom:brick!? how could you?!--runs off-
blake:ha! see she believes me!!
isabelle:blossom needs me!
blake:no bạn stay here with your boyfriend --runs to blossom--
--where blossom is--
blossom:i thought i could trust him :'(
blake:you cant trust anyone!
blossom:what'a mean?
blake:i mean..nevermind...
blake:anyways...i got a question...
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posted by BricknButtercup
(Brick's P.O.V.) "I dont know wat to do ,do I like Blossom.....Or Buttercup???" Brick passing a store sees a dress and thinks of Blossom,but looks at a skatbord he loves to skatebord ,it makes him think of Buttercup. He wlks in and gets both to send to the girls. (At ppgzs.) Blossom and Butttercup get there gifts thay say."From your secrat love." Buttercup looks at it its wraped in...Green,Blossom's is in pink. "Hu?"Buttercup looks at Blossom with a confused look. Blossom looks back with an just shhh and open it look. Bubbles looks sad... "Wonder were mine is?" Bubbles said.."Im ganna go for...
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posted by balto
NARRATOR: The City Of Townsville where our girls are stuck in another fight with... The Rowdyruff Boys!

(See the girls fighting the Rowdyruff Boys. Blossom hits Brick with a sonic blast, and Buttercup hits Butch with a wirlwind attack.)

NARRATOR: But what's this? Bubbles talking to Boomer? That's just not natural for her!

(blossom looks down at the benches for a một giây then sees Bubbles talking to Boomer, so see flys down to see them but then looks back)

BRICK: xin chào bạn chicken come back here and fight!

(Blossom just ignores Brick)


BLOSSOM: What are bạn doing with Boomer?

BUBBLES: Oh just talking about what we have in common!

BOOMER: Yeah we just found out that-

BLOSSOM: Keep quiet! Bubbles come on we're goiing home!