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Source: boomer took this pic while i was tourturin her
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After Blossom beat-up Dexter she felt bad. Dexter was in his secret lab crying.But then he said: "I want Blossom! so bad!" cried Dexter."What am I going 2 do?" Then he had an idea!"I know!" Dexter yelled. "I am going to spread a rumor that Berserk&Brick tình yêu and slept with eachother!" he yelled."Or should I crush Brick like I did the last time?" He thought. "No I will go with the first one." đã đưa ý kiến Dexter. He told the whole world! It was on the news,too! Blossom herd,Then she went to Brick's house. Brick aswered the door."Brick! how could you?" Blossom said."What?" đã đưa ý kiến Brick."You tình yêu Berserk!"...
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Source: bleedman, i just put it together
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My most viewed video on YouTube.
baby brick
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Her two những người đang yêu are fighting...
Brick-Blossom is mine!
Dexter-No! She's mine!
Blossom-I'll choose. Dexter!
Brick-What! You've got to be friggin' kidding!
Dexter-She made her choice, get over it!
Blossom-I'm not finished! I chose Dexter to get out of my life!
Brick-So bạn didn't chose Dexter. Right?
Blossom-I chose Brick because I loved him the first time I saw him and when he was rivied.
Dexter-I'll get bạn for this, Brick.
After that...
Buttercup-Almost done, Bubbles?
Bubbles-Yea. BTW where's Blossom?
Blossom-I'm here!
Buttercup-Are still hangin out with four-eyes?
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