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 This is Kristina Pimenova.
This is Kristina Pimenova.
xin chào guys! Sorry, raven_beauty isn't here. But I'm sure you'll be excited, because my name is Kristina Pimenova! bạn can call me Kristie P. Gaw! Ever heard of me? I'm the prettiest girl in the world! Yeah, if you've ever heard of me, you'll know why they call me the prettiest girl in the world.

Anyway, this'll be interesting. When I joined Fanpop, I didn't know what my tên người dùng would be. Then I got the idea of raven_beauty. It was perfect because I was a big người hâm mộ of Raven from Teen Titans Go, and I am beautiful. But fanpop đã đưa ý kiến the tên người dùng was already taken! But then I recognized raven_beauty...
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Note: The Powerpuffs and Rowdyruffs are teenagers.
Brick- I'm hungry
Boomer- Shut up stupid
Brick- bạn calling me stupid, stupid?!
Boomer- Don't pick a fight with me! If bạn want a fight, go and piss off Buttercup! She's like the best fighter ever!!
Brick- Fine, stupid
*Brick flies away*
Brick- Yo, Buttercup!
Buttercup- Shut up, f*cking b**ch
Brick- Hey, don't say bad words
Buttercup- Oh, yeah, like bạn know how to be nice
Brick *angry*- I am nice!
Buttercup- Hah! Then Kiss a girl here, any girl!
Brick- *thinks* I have to teach her a lesson!
So Brick kissed Buttercup.................on the lips.
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posted by raven_beauty
 Awww, they are SO cute!!!!
Awww, they are SO cute!!!!
Note: Please pay attention to whose POV it is, we'll be switching POVS a lot.

Narrator: Ahhhh, Valentine's Day. The ngày for love, peace, and kindness. Why, let's look at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten and see the tình yêu spreading!
Buttercup: Ew, Valentine's ngày is soooooo mushy!
Blossom: Buttercup, try to enjoy today! It's Valentine's Day! It's time to love!
Buttercup: So?
Bubbles: And it's time to kiss! (giggles)
Buttercup: And.....?
Blossom and Bubbles: And it's Valentine's Day, that's wassup, Buttercup!
Narrator: Oh, no! It looks like some kind of eeeee-vil is sneaking up behind our precious Girls! Oh thank...
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We now continue our story when the Rowdyruff Boys fell in tình yêu with Buttercup. When the Powerpuff Girls were flying home, Blossom was worried because she knew that the Rowdyruff Boys fell in tình yêu with Buttercup. And she was in tình yêu with Brick, so that made it worse. Bubbles didn't know anything about the incident. She was just flying trang chủ happily. But then Blossom told her about the Rowdyruff Boys in tình yêu with Buttercup. Bubbles gasped. She had a crush on a Rowdyruff Boy, too! Boomer! Bubbles was so shocked she stopped flying and started falling out of the sky, saying ",God, please, death come...
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(were ganna start with Blossom and Booomer at the lake. Boomer walks up behind Blossom) Boomer:Blossom? Blossom:Boomer? Wat are bạn doing here? Boomer:I want to see bạn I have to tlk to you..... Blossom:Boomer dont wast your time on me nobody likes me thay just want me there for my brain ,and ...... Boomer :Blossom your perfect the way bạn are ,and I dont care wat anyone says bout bạn your my yêu thích girl!! And I tình yêu you! Blossom:Hum......*tought*I like Brick right? Im I falling for Boomer ? Ya ill just let it go...*end tought* Boomer: I tình yêu bạn and I know bạn may like Brick ,but I can give...
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added by meow_girl
added by meow_girl
Note: The Powerpuffs and Rowdyruffs are teenagers.
Brick- Wow I tình yêu Buttercup. Wait what am I saying?! I'm supposed to tình yêu Blossom! Eh, but we're not getting married hoặc anything...
Brick has fallen in tình yêu with Buttercup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brick- But what'll happen if Butch finds out? He loves her! Man I better go talk to Boomer....
Brick finds Boomer coloring a pretty picture.
Brick- Boomer I need your help!
Boomer- What is it?
Brick- Remember when I fought Buttercup?
Boomer- Where are bạn taking this?
Brick- Well I fought her, and she, uh, beat me up, and........ ITHINKIFELLINLOVEWITHHER!!!!!!
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posted by XxPinxyesxX
Kaoru's P.O.V.

My name is Kaoru Matsubara and I'm on a ngày with Brick Jojo.
I know you're wondering how I got into this mess.
Two girls known as Momoko and Miyako set me up on a ngày with him.
Reason: I don't know but I guess I can kind of thank them on the process.

Way Earlier
Miyako's P.O.V.

"Momoko-san come here and look at what I found it's Kaoru's Sketch Book" I đã đưa ý kiến as I handed Momoko the Sketch Book.
"Shall we see what big tough Kaoru draws in there?" Momoko says and I nod right away.
"Look she even wrote a bàn of contents in here, How helpful we can find out what is in each page." đã đưa ý kiến Momoko....
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The Powerpuff Girls were lounging around in their room when the Mayor called. "Powerpuff Girls!", he cried. "There's been a bank robbery!!!!" " Really? Where? " asked Blossom. "At the bank!" " We're on it, Mayor! " The Girls flew toward the bank and landed there. It was the Rowdyruff Boys! "Well" , đã đưa ý kiến Brick. "I see the Powerpuff LOOZAHS have arrived to "do good and spread justice!" ",Yeah!" đã đưa ý kiến Boomer. Brick slapped him. " Owwwww! " "Ooooohhhh, I'm so scared!!" snickered Butch. Then, when Buttercup started getting mad, the Boys noticed it. Buttercup's beautiful brunette hair, her big muscles,...
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The three evil-looking dark shapes were edging closer and closer to Buttercup. Blossom lunged forward. She knocked them out of the way just before they touched Buttercup. Blossom closed her eyes and wiped her forehead. Then her eyes brightened. She had finally done it! She specifically saved the whole world all bởi herself( Well, just Buttercup)! Then she looked down and nearly pooped her pants. The dark shapes were the Rowdyruff Boys! "What the heck was THAT for?!?!" Brick demanded. Then Blossom realized something. She looked down at her màu hồng, hồng dress and discovered a humongous brown stain that...
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(OKAY SO WERE GANNA START IN THE MORNING AT THE PPGZS HOUSE p.s thay dont have parents.) Blossom: Okay Buttercup since bạn asked me yesterday who I like then who do bạn like? Buttercup:Ahhh....Its an RRBZ.... Blossom: bạn like one of those...Nevermind I cant say anything cuz I do 2. Buttercup:Oh bạn do? Do you? Blossom:Ya well who is it bạn like .....*tought*not brick not brick*end tought* Buttercup : *lieing* Oh I like Butch..... Blossom:Oh well I like Brick.... Buttercup : Oh.... Blossom : Wat do bạn mean oh.. Buttercup thats not realy who bạn like is it? Buttercup:*lieing agin*Ok its Boomer.......
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Just something I made for Brick and Buttercup ....For new moon!!!
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(at the ppgzs house) Buttercup: So Blossom who do bạn like? Blossom: Nobody why? *tought* why dose my sister want to know?* end tought* Buttercup: Just wondering.....Sorry. Blossom: Im not fussin just wanna know why bạn wanna know thats all.... Bubbles:Well...Um I have to go get some stuff for my project....Ill be back later bye!! Buttercup and Blososm: Be careful!!! Bubbles: *yels* I will be!! Buttercup: Blossom,why wont bạn tell me who bạn like ,I know bạn like someone Blossom dont lie im ur sisster I wont tell anyone... I promis!!! Plz tell me!!! Blossom: Okay as long as it gets bạn off...
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 Getting party stuff for Buttercup!!!!
Getting party stuff for Buttercup!!!!
(okay we are stil at the rrbzs and every one is turned to Boomer cuz he is makeing no since.....I am changeing how thay tlk so I will onley go over this one time.....toughts:* Kiss:***KISS*** Tlking:"uhd" And typing ::hey. Okay here we go...) Buttercup:"Why?"
Brick:"BoomeR ,Buttercup is trying to stop thinking bout her sisters......Why did bạn ask that?"
Boomer:"Uhh.......Well I gatta go. Bye!" (wlks out door.)
Butch:"Well im shure Bubbles has something planed...Right?"
Buttercup:"Well she did go on some arrons this morning."
Brick:"Well at lest bạn know that she didnt forget..." (with Bubbles.)...
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 skipping togerther
skipping togerther
{at the rrb home}wonder why she was staring at me brick thoght hmmmmmmmm buch intrrupted why are bạn trying to stell her form me brick wha....said brick she was giving bạn a tình yêu look tình yêu ..... me ........buttercup well i have got looks uhhhhhh bạn know i tình yêu her so back away dude đã đưa ý kiến buch fine fine {at the ppg house} buttercup bạn ok đã đưa ý kiến blossem yeah she đã đưa ý kiến ok
bơ cup fell a sleep dreming of brick skipping with her ahhhhh she woke up wow i like brick alot
blossem hered her cỏ khô, hay i like brick back of ok she đã đưa ý kiến uhh buttercup went on her laptop ohhhh she went on fanpop she saw brickistuff108 {wich is brick} she went to chat on mebo cỏ khô, hay brick she đã đưa ý kiến hihe said.... buttercup buch is on the phone i have to go she đã đưa ý kiến ok bye he đã đưa ý kiến i buch..... she đã đưa ý kiến hi my tuffpuff so do bạn like brick ofcorse not she đã đưa ý kiến well...ok but dont talk to him dont look at him he đã đưa ý kiến fine she said
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