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Baley:grr yet another ngày of school now normally I would be proud and happy but my cousin Ally has được trao me thêm toilet dunks than I can count so this is why I can not go to school Dad!
Dexter:Now Baley I think your being over dramatic!
Baley:Are bạn kidding me haven't bạn ever had your head dunked in the toilet hoặc have been called a nerd hoặc anything!
Dexter:(glances at Dylan)no Baley I was very popular.
Baley:Oh and I bet bạn broke your glasses and every one thought it was cool right.(real nice Baley real nice)
Dexter:Well actually yes.
Baley:OMG bạn have got to be kidding me why cant I be homeschooled...
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Dexter-um I do bạn wanna well um bạn know.
Blossom-are bạn trying to ask me out?
Blossom-I would tình yêu to Dex see ya.
Brick-so bạn think bạn can steal my girlfriend.
Dexter-your girlfriend?!you pushed her and made her bleed and on hàng đầu, đầu trang of that bạn called me dorkster!!!
Brick-oh please someday there will be a ngày when she gets her tim, trái tim broken and she will come back to me she will want to marry someone who can fly with her!!!!
Dexter-marry we are only 16!!!!
Brick-the point is she wants me but just don't know it the way rose gardens are for sissie girls!!
(Flys off)...
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blossom:no brick for the last time I will not go on a ngày with you!
Brick:AAAWWW Blossom come on ditch the dork!
Blossom:Bubbles is not a dork!
Brick:not Bubbles Dexter!
Brick:yeah why?!why have bạn had a crush on him ever since fusion fall?!when we all called him Dorkster bạn helped him out!!!!!
Blossom:that I but I do not have a crush on Dex!!!
(cheeks get even thêm red)
Brick:Come on quả anh đào, anh đào blossom dont bạn want someone to fly off with Dexter cant do that!!
Blossom:even if I did like Dex he taught me something bạn never could!!!
Brick:and that is?
Blossom:to stop and smell...
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Brick: xin chào babe what to go to the prom with me?

Blossom: sorry I can't and b.t.w I'm note your babe!

Blossom narrator: I closed the door and whet back up stairs.

The ngày of the prom came and it was really fun. But then there was an explosion and brick showed up behind the explosion.

Brick:hello and bye bye!

Blossom narrator: he shot out a lazer and I dodged it but it hit dexter. I flew up to brick and punched him real hard!

Blossom: what are bạn doing?

Brick: if I can't have bạn no one can!

This time he shot out another lazer but I blocked it with my icy breath. This time it was my turn I kicked...
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My sister Buttercup was flipping through a magazine and folding the page on something she liked.I used my x-ray vision to see through it.Butter cup was looking at a base.

"What are bạn giggling about?"Buttercup sneered.
"Nothing it's bạn miss are old band hoặc something?...or are bạn just looking at that because both Hexter and Mandark are taking a âm nhạc class?"I laughed.Buttercup blushed."No!FOR YOUR INFORMATION IM DOING IT FOR CLASS IT'S ARE HOMEWORK!!!"She shouted."Okay don't have to yell...but since when do bạn do homework?"I asked."Since I felt like it!"Buttercup yelled."Okay...
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Blossom:I cant believe Dexter wouldn't let me fight ...I mean why the heck not!
(Blossom walks up to Dexter)
(Dexter turns to see blossom)
Dexter:eeeep!Blossom I will talk to bạn later but right now I need to get busy!
Blossom:WHY WON'T bạn LET ME FIGHT!!!!
Dexter:Blossom it's for your own good!
Blossom:Im much stronger than half your army put together!
Dexter:I know bạn are but-
Dexter:Blossom I do think your(raises voice)STRONG AND POWERFUL AND TALENTED AND B-...........
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