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What is the best way to summon Bloody Mary in a public bathroom?

We have drama rehearsals today, and the tenth. I've been wanting to summon Bloody Mary, because one of my online Những người bạn says she's haunting her school and I wanted to try, whether hoặc not it'll work.

I know it could be bò đực, con bò, bull crap, but I though if I could get to the bathroom it'd be fun.

Problem? i'm not sure if I say her name 13 hoặc 3 times, and will a flashlight work for a candle, because I can't get a candle into a school and light it.

And how do bạn get rid of her?

Do I need to spin, if so, how many times?

Can Bloody Mary come out of the mirror to haunt, hoặc will she stay in the mirror?

The answer I find most efficient'll get 3 Answer props.

 Aquarius18 posted hơn một năm qua
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keepcalm87 said:
Bloody Mary Is Summoned In Public Schools I Just Use My Candle App On My IPhone I'm In Her Mirror world she's coming bye Keep Calm Stride On 87

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posted hơn một năm qua 
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