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posted by laurik2007
Author: SnowedUnderNJ at

Chuck âm bass, tiếng bass, bass entered the grand ballroom of the Palace hotel for another charity gala. He straightened the bowtie of his tuxedo and scanned the room quickly. He saw her immediately across the room.

Red, of course she had chosen red. She knew how much he loved her in the that color. She was doing it to torture him he was sure of it. Around her neck was the diamond chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm he had được trao her four years cách đây after the birth of their son and only child.

He grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and downed it in one long swallow. He grabbed the arm of...
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Here's a danh sách of all the great musics that we heard everytime that Blair and Chuck were on tv. :)

Episode 1.01 - Pilot

"If It's Lovin' That bạn Want (Part 2)" bởi Rihanna Feat. Corey Gunz
Dinner Party, before Blair takes Nate into her room

"What Goes Around...Comes Around" bởi Justin Timberlake
Dinner Party, after Serena leaves

"Hard to Live in the City" bởi Albert Hammond Jr.
Limo ride to the "kiss of the lips" party

"The Gift" bởi thiên thần & Airwaves
Blair and Chuck watch Serena leave with Dan

Episode 1.02 - The Wild Brunch

"Tell Me 'Bout It" bởi Joss Stone
Blair, Chuck and the group having Brunch

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Sorry for the long get's in the way! Im graduating soon and then I need to find a job so im busy, busy, busy! Thank bạn for being so patient and for keeping with this fic! I really hope bạn like how it's going...

Also, after this chapter I wont be nghề viết văn any thêm smut(detailed sex scenes) from now on, firstly because I dont like nghề viết văn it and I only did because I genuinely thought it was what readers would like to read because of the lack of Chair action on the show, but I have become sick of đọc smut myself and I have realised through one of my other fics that readers...
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 Hot Property....
Hot Property....
Episode 5: Natural born lovers

GG: xin chào Upper East Siders, Yes we're back, Our trip is over. It's sad to leave, Rome had it's scandals but There's no place like trang chủ for scandals and I'll choose Manhattan everytime...

(On the plane journey home)

Chuck and Blair and laughing, joking, chatting and just having fun on the plane.
They are playing a game with playing cards.
Blair has just won the game.

B: Yes! I win...again!
C: No. bạn cheated
B: No, I'm just better than you
C: Oh really? (Chuck reaches over to Blair and begins to tickle her, Blair laughs histerically)
B: Stop, Chuck...Stop...Your killing...
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Aaaaaand…we’re back!

CosmicLoveCB has many, many feels after watching the premiere of the final season of GG. First, it’s been a LONG TIME since we were interested in the story as a whole, rather than just wringing our hands and hoping against hope that Chuck wouldn’t end up killing himself bởi the end of each episode. So there’s that.

Lily wins World’s Worst Mom Award (although she is ironically the BEST mom to Chuck–not that the bar there is very high hoặc even existent) which is perfect considering that she has renewed her vows with the World’s Worst Dad. She SERIOUSLY hasn’t...
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I'm kinda lovin bạn --CB/NS Fiction--One shot

A/N: Ah xin chào guys, Well I'm in such a good mood today, Much better than yesterday sorry about my little rant on my other fiction, but it's okay now =]
Anyway I was in such a mood to write a new người hâm mộ fiction and obviously it's a one shot I thought about starting a new story but I just don't have the time hoặc energy to write two at the same time so I'll keep going with the one shots. But this one is kind of different I always wanted to do a double couple one and it was always going to be Chuck and Blair and another couple I wanted to do Nate and Vanessa...
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 Who's that chick?
Who's that chick?
A/N: new chapter hope bạn like it. as always im going to ask bạn to review. thank you.

Gregory came trang chủ from school. well he was acctually coming trang chủ from the humphreys. rachel was still avoiding him. she and him had done the deed in the back of the limo, he had swiped her v-card. in a way he felt bad... who was he kidding he felt horrible. Rachel's virginty was speacial to her. she wanted to save it for someone speacial. he had asked her if she wanted to hoặc not and she nodded her head so he couldnt understand why he felt sick. there was this...
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We made it, Gossip Girl fandom! We survived the Season of Pacts with God and “Inside.” In fact, “Inside” is so dead and buried at this point, even D-Humps is over it. Group hugs, Dom and peonies for all!

Pardon us while we attempt to collect our emotions. The season 5 finale had us feeling things all over the spectrum of feels, from smiling like idiots, growling in rage, moments of teary-ness, and of course, cheering like true Chairleaders. (There was also some yawning in there albeit briefly and only during scenes involving Lola and William). There was so much going on in this...
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posted by emmagossipgirl7
 run blair run
run blair run
OK bởi now most Chair những người hâm mộ are starting to think that the baby is louis but it still might be chuck's. louis may have found the paternity letter but who đã đưa ý kiến he read it.
there is a possibilty that he hadnt read it even though most signs do point to it being his. we watch the hiển thị getting idea's about this that in the other. but we only see what they put on the show. but who đã đưa ý kiến louis and blair didnt have a conversation about did he read it. we might not have seen the whole conversation.
if louis didnt read the letter then it still might be chuck's most people, chair những người hâm mộ aswell, might disagree...
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 'So the tiếp theo time bạn forget, you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck âm bass, tiếng bass, bass and i tình yêu you.'
'So the next time you forget, you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass and i love you.'
Chuck and Blair are perfection. Though I know and want Chuck and Blair to be endgame, the series needed something to please and surprise all the viewers. They chose to give us some Blair and Dan action. I am going to write my thoughts on Dan and Blair, the new baby daddy revealed, and why Chuck and Blair are the ultimate end couple.

The shows viewers all need what they want. This might make bạn think “Yes, Chair has the most fans’. That is completely true, but the producers did want something to spice up the hiển thị with something we thought would never happen; Dan & Blair. Pleasing everyone...
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 chair + serenate
chair + serenate
this is sad because i really enjoyed nghề viết văn these and now it is the end. this one is skipped phía trước, chuyển tiếp years so bạn see how the family is when they're older. enjoy and review. if bạn liked these bạn might like spark of passion found on the gossip girl fansite.

***12 years later***

chuck and blair are sitting in the living room doing work. chuck is laying out plans to open a new hotel and blair is working on expanding her store. 16 năm old, victoria and 12 năm old, gregory have just arrived trang chủ from school. also 3 năm old Madeline is sitting...
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posted by Cas_Cat_2
Blair Waldorf:

Blair is described as a 5'4" and slender, with brilliant blue eyes and a fox-like face. During the first three books, her hair was long, but she chopped it into a pixie cut in Because I'm Worth It. A hopeless romantic who idolizes Audrey Hepburn, Blair's sensitive side contrasts with her tendency to be bitchy and controlling. She is rather vain, though her friendship with uber-girl Serena van der Woodsen causes her to be insecure at times. Blair uses her charm, money, and social clout to get whatever she wants. Her father, once an uptight lawyer, now lives in a French chateau...
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posted by Praesse
I thought I'd share this recap of GG, it's from link at Livejournal. Tell me what bạn think! :)

Lets start bởi parts I didn't like

Bart/Chuck - super sad but *but* it paves the way for reconciliation. xin chào if they brought back CB after C called B a horse, they can do anything.
Nate giving Chuck the shoulder. WTF happened to being BFF's????
... yeah - nothing else


CHUCK, CHUCK, CHUCK - everywhere.

Chuck gets a friend and a cause - finally! They had to break down his minipulating ways sooner hoặc later.
Vanessa - she had no idea what she was getting into and her little smile...
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Things that give me a good feeling for Chuck & Blair in the finale

Leighton and Ed in Shanghai at Harry Winston
Sarah Goodman wrote the episode (she also wrote “if two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find their way back”, the Bar scene in 2x23, “I will always be your family” 3x13, etc.)
all the season 2 parallels
Blair can’t say ILY to Dan
She is there for Chuck, he was her priority in the last two episodes, even when D needed her.
“After everything we’ve been through, there’s no room for secrets, nor should there be. Whatever it is, bạn can tell me, Blair.”...
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 up to their old tricks!
up to their old tricks!
xin chào this is my latest update please review and i hope bạn like my tiêu đề it is a mix of the wheel of fortune and a series of unfotunate events. enjoy.
GG: rise n' shine upper east siders today is a ngày filled with sunshine, laughter and fun. that is if bạn dont live on the upper east side and your names arnt chuck, blair, serena, nate and carter. i hear a storm coming and it is turning the wheel of unfortunate events.

(Waldorf apartment. 8:00PM)

B(Blair): stop being so immature chuck.
C(Chuck): me! shes the one who brought the con chuột (Points to serena)...
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 serena's present
serena's present
GG: wow who would have thought 4 months would have passed so soon. bạn upper east siders havent give me any gossip for them past 4 months. when did bạn all get so boring, but today is graduation and i plan to have my cake and eat it hoặc gossip and post it. come on i know you're hiding something.

St. judes and constance high school:
(Chuck, blair, nate and serena all sitting in the courtyard and ready for graduation)

B: can bạn belive it finally high school is over and i get to find some new people to terrorise.
S:(laughs) B bạn never change. although i dont think im going to go to brown.
B: what?...
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 Can't believe the truth S?
Can't believe the truth S?
Episode 18: While bạn Weep

GG: Rise and shine Upper East Siders, The Queen is...Alive, Long live the Queen. bạn didn't honestly think B was leaving us did you? Oh poor little 'mean girls' you'll have to wait if bạn want to replace B...

(At the Belleview Hospital)

After Blair has woken up.

The doctor has just finished talking to Blair, Eleanor and Harold about Blair's problem.

D: If there is any information that bạn need, don't hesitate to call me, any time and lets hope Blair makes a full recovery, Aye Blair?

(Blair is lying in giường ignoring the conversation.)

H: Thank bạn so much doctor, and you're...
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 Blair, your killing yourself...!
Blair, your killing yourself...!
một giây part of the double bill, make sure bạn only read this after episode 10- The âm bass, tiếng bass, bass Identity!

Epsiode 11- A Blair To Remember

Gossip Girl: # Rumour has it that Chuck has gone from losing his mind to losing his memory....and Queen B? Well she may have just Mất tích the tình yêu of her life...! bạn Know bạn tình yêu Me xoxo #

Blair is at home. she has been avoiding everyone and hasn't been in school for the past few days. Her mother is really worried about her and Serena has been regularly visiting her.

It's been two days since Chuck woke up and he has slowly been recalling the events he had forgotten...
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posted by luvrgirl101
Blair braced herself as she walked through the tunnel to the airplane. She was breathing hard, really hard. Why was she flying commercial again. Oh right, she was flying commercial because Lord Marcus wanted to hiển thị all of his people that he was just like them. Not only were they flying commercial, they were flying coach, ugh. She was probably going to get some sort of infectious disease.

At that very moment, she felt a warm, gentle hand on the small of her back, at first she somehow believed it was Chuck; he was the only one who had ever touched her like that. With so much care and gentleness,...
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posted by Yankeesam32935
The Mess that is Chuck Bass~ Chapter 5

Chuck sank down on the bed, while he tried to digest what Blair has just đã đưa ý kiến to him. “You really do tình yêu me?” He asked in a quiet voice, not yet quite believing her admission of tình yêu for him.
She sat down tiếp theo to him. “Yes Chuck, I really do tình yêu you. How could bạn not know?”
He groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know, Blair. I guess I figured that I would always come in một giây to Nathaniel. He’s the one bạn always chased, not me.”
Blair took his hand in her own, and rubbed his callused knuckles. “That was before, Chuck....
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