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posted by deedeeflower
Each time that I have made Black Frosting I did it freehand, so to speak. I never had a recipe to follow. Now days bạn can buy black thực phẩm coloring, but I find it thêm fun to mix the color myself. I start with a container of white frosting in either vanilla hoặc cream cheese flavor. If bạn have a box of primary colors(red, blue, green, yellow) thực phẩm coloring it will tell bạn how to mix purple. This is a good starting point. Once bạn have the basic purple bạn can add small amounts of green. Always check the flavor of the frosting while mixing because sometimes too much thực phẩm coloring can make it...
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posted by deedeeflower
here is three different ways to say black.

after each word is the pronunciation.

i looked these up in Baron's french at a glance.

Baron's italian at a glance.

Baron's spanish at a glance.

second edition language dictionaries.

published in 1992.

notice the similarities between the 3 languages.

French: noir(e); nwahr

Italian: nero; nAY-roh

Spanish: negro; NEH-groh

here are some phrases using these words.

black coffee
French: le cafe noir; luh kah-fay nwahr

Italian: caffe nero; kahf-fEH nAY-roh

spanish: el cafe negro; kah-FEH NEH-groh

black book
French: le livre noir; lu lee-vruh nwahr

Italian: libro nero; lEE-broh...
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