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The over whelming tình yêu that Creed Diskenth has for Train is enough to make me wonder why there are still shippers of Train x Saiya, Train x Kyoko, ect.

I know What bạn guys will say next.

"Well Train was in tình yêu with Saiya!" or

"Kyoko Loves him obsessively!"

To that i say, Kyoko can go out w/Charden and Saiya as we all know, died. There is also the fact that Train is Uke beyond his wildest dreams!

As xxxHolic has taught me, there is meaning to everything and there is NO COINCIDECE in this world. I think that Saiya's death was to say that Train is just not meant to be w/a girl.

Do not get me wrong...
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I donno what 2 say actually but my frends asked me 2 put soapbox at this spot becoz i'm the owner of this spot..

I like watching Black Cat since the age of 14 years old juz becoz it has an awesome theme song...n cute character like Train, Kyoko n Eve n don't forgot Leon..

In this anime, I like Train becoz he's skillful n cute..there's no anime guys that can be thêm cuter than him...for my opinion only!!So..juz wanna say I tình yêu BLACK CAT!!

Character in Black Cat:
Train Heartnet
n a lot more..

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In the anime version of Black Cat, those who have seen the complete series would have witnessed Saya Minatsuki's horrible death in episode six. has anyone ever noticed the foreshadowing that is used throughout the một giây half of this episode?
People who pay close attention to the series will notice how Creed Diskenth, Saya's slayer, always has a rose. In this particular episode, Train Heartnet, the main character, finds a letter in his window and with it a red rose - Creed's signature mark. Most people will notice this and figure what will happen but has anyone, when watching this episode for...
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