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The Big Hero 6 soundtrack is composed bởi Henry Jackman, except for the song bởi Fall Out Boy ("Immortals").

It will be released on November 4th 2014 digtally, with a physical release on November 24th 2014. As time goes on and the soundtrack is released each song will have a link to where bạn can buy it and/or listen to it.

1.    "Immortals" (sung bởi Fall Out Boy)
2.    "Hiro Hamada"               
3.    "Nerd School"               
4.    "Microbots"               
5.    "Tadashi"               
6.    "Inflatable Friend"               
7.    "Huggable Detective"               
8.    "The Masked Man"               
9.    "One of the Family"               
10.    "Upgrades"               
11.    "The Streets of San Fransokyo"               
12.    "To the Manor Born"               
13.    "So Much More"               
14.    "First Flight"               
15.    "Silent Sparrow"               
16.    "Family Reunion"               
17.    "Big Hero 6"               
18.    "I Am Satisfied With My Care"               
19.    "Signs of Life"               
20.    "Reboot"
posted by deedragongirl
 Team Hiro!
Team Hiro!
Hi everyone, I have seen this movie last năm and I was very impressed bởi it. So we go!

The Story-Line

When I first watch the movie, I thought that it was very much like Hugo, because their respective loved ones only appear in the first 15-20 phút and then gets kill off. This lead to the main protagonist to become hopeful and to di chuyển on with their lives.
As the story progresses, it reminds me of the ngôi sao Wars prequel, especially with Anakin and his relationship with the other ngôi sao Wars characters as time goes by.

The Characters

My first impressions on Hiro was that he reminds me of Anakin...
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