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Bored of your own mouth? Now bạn can go hero with the brand new link. Use the special touch-screen Omnitrix to choose one of 8 different characters, place the iPhone over your mouth and start to speak (or roar!) and the microphone picks up your voice and the mouth will animate!

PLEASE NOTE: Ben 10 MouthOff is designed for the iPhone. It also works with 2nd generation iPod Touch but bạn MUST have headphones with a built in microphone. Ben 10 MouthOff will NOT work at all with 1st generation iPod Touch.

Click on this link to download the app but make sure bạn get your parents permission.
An awesome new videogame based on the Ben 10 Alien Force series, Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks, is coming out on October 27th!
Players will experience an action packed adventure in the vast ALIEN FORCE universe, as they take Ben and the Omnitrix into outer không gian and alien trang chủ planets for the first time ever in the game series.

As in the show, Ben will use 10 of his alien forms and their special powers to battle his greatest enemy, Vilgax, and an extreme team of fearsome foes in an effort to thwart a grand scheme to conquer the universe one planet at a time.

Screenshots are included below. The game will be available on the Xbox 360®, Wii™, PlayStation®2, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and Nintendo DS™ handheld system.
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First of all i do not own Ben 10 and Ben 10:alien force material.

Kevin in the race of Time

Ben and Gwen were trapped in a fire,titanium,Metal and pure vàng Cage with no way out.The only way out was if Kevin succeded in the number of challenges, he has to do.Charmcaster đã đưa ý kiến to Kevin "if bạn don't succed in this challenge bạn Những người bạn will melt one bit at a time".Kevin started to cry,he knew he had to save,his friends.The first Challenge was to Fight bạn Kevin.Kevin was confused how can he be there when he was a knew older gooder Kevin.Kevin the thought "it doesn't matter all i have to do is beat...
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Ok, now lets start out at the the beginning. Ben Tennyson, an easy going, self righteous, "C" student, discovers a recently invented alien device while on vacation with his grandpa and cousin. It was designed to hiển thị what other sentient being have to go through in the universe bởi transforming the user into đã đưa ý kiến species for ten phút at a time, called "The Omnitrix". The Omnitrix was created bởi a small group of aliens, and since the rumors of the Omnitrix's creation a tyrant known as Vilgax has been hunting it for his own purposes, which is how it ended up on earth. Well anywho Ben eventually...
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