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10 Ways to Annoy Bellatrix Lestrange

1) Suggest that Voldemort thinks that Pettigrew is a thêm capable Death Eater than she is.
2) Send apparitions of the Longbottoms after her, never letting her rest.
3) Post Harry Potter người hâm mộ type things all over her Azkaban cell.
4) Keep bringing up her sister, Andromeda, in conversation.
5) Keep bringing up Tonks in conversation.
6) Impersonate Voldemort and make her believe that he’s into peace with Muggles.
7) Cut off her hair and dye what’s left orange; bạn can tell her that her appearance improves with the “Annie Lennox” look.
8) “Confiscate” her...
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xin chào Guys. Here is A danh sách I came up with (Luna--Lovegood helped) of fun ways to annoy Bellatrix. Guaranteed to get bạn crucio-ed! Please bình luận and let me know what bạn think. Thank bạn to Luna--Lovegood for helping me write this, bạn are quite creative for a non-deatheater, Luna!

1. Impersonate the dark Lord and convince her that he’s really into peace with Muggles.

2. Whenever she cackles evilly, roll your eyes in an obvious way and grumble, “That’s getting sooooo old, Bella”

3. tiếp theo time she uses the Cruciatus Curse on someone, groan and say she has no imagination when it comes to...
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