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Finding you! And your goal in life(=

You are you. bạn came into this world for a purpose, and god has a plan and goal for bạn to achieve in life. Sometimes though its hard to find that one thing that god has put bạn down on earth for. To find it bạn really need to look at yourself, and your dreams, goals, and what bạn tình yêu . Look at your talents. Growing up as a teenager, life is rough. There is soo much drama, and school, and pure pressure! bạn need to block that out of your life, and focas on what your going to do when your older, and your goal and purpose for being on earth. Because what...
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'Take a big bite out of this super douche-burger ad campaign where women are nags and men are jackasses.'
sarah haskins
target women
sexist ads
negative stereotypes of men and women
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