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I know what your thinking what's Barney been drinking that girl was smoking hot and yes I could have nailed her but no it's not a failure 'cause there's 1 thing she is not to score a ten would be just fine i'd rather be dressed to the nines it's a truth bạn can't refute,
nothing Luật sư đấu trí me like a suit

Imagine a world were all the boys and girls are impeccably well dressed,
that delivery guy in the áo khoác and tie that cún yêu, con chó con in the double breast,
that eighties dude with mutton chops that baby with a lollipop,
that lady cop who's kinda cute,
nothing Luật sư đấu trí me like a suit,

Wing-man I can wear (suits) there...
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1.'Everything has it's season'

Could easily be a reference to Barney and Robin. Especially when coupled with 'turns out that they really did just need to let things run their course.', That means the season of exposed skin is over and Robin then sundressing up.

2.The church where the wedding takes place is the same church where James's dad works.

3. Robin asked Ted to be her best man.

4. Robin's sundress is white.

5. Neither Barney nor Robin are shown in the flashforward.

6. Barney declared at the end of S5 that he 'must have Robin back' and he has never claimed to be over that.

7. The hints that they still liked each other at the beginning of S6.

8. The Mother doesn't have to know Barney hoặc Robin to meet Ted at their wedding. Ted met Victoria at a wedding because she made the cake.

Anything else bạn guys can think of please mention below and I'll add to the danh sách :)
What am I doing here? In his building. In front of his apartment. What was I thinking? What if he is at home? What if they are at home? What am I going to tell him? Why are bạn marrying her? Oh, God, Barney is marrying Nora. Barney is marrying Nora. I đã đưa ý kiến it a hundred times and I couldn’t believe it yet.
“Hey, Robin, bạn Ok?”

I startle at Lily’s voice “Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”

No, I’m a lot tired. Tired of keeping the appearance, tired of diễn xuất as if I’m devoid of emotions and then spending hours shooting! Tired of lying to Barney and more...
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posted by HouseOfficeFan7
 She totally did!
She totally did!
AUTHOR'S NOTE- I was re-watching Sandcastles in the Sand (for the 1000th time xD) and I thought that it would be fun to write out the end scene as like a kind of người hâm mộ fiction. This story is told in the third person but it's from Robin's POV. I had a really great time nghề viết văn it and I'll hope bạn read it and enjoy it! :D lot's of love, HouseOfficeFan7 (AKA Claire [: )

Robin knew Ted would have to leave soon, but she wished he wouldn't. She had been holding back tears all night and she knew that once she was left alone, it would be impossible to prevent them falling.

Finally, the moment she was...
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 Laura finds this scene HOT!
Laura finds this scene HOT!
April 2012's người hâm mộ Of The tháng is the amazing Laura! Let's get down to business. First question:

1. How did it feel to win?
Extremly happy :D i tình yêu this couple too much and its an honour to be FOTM.

2. What do bạn most enjoy about the Barney & Robin Spot?
Without a doubt, my fellow fans. bạn guys have the best ideas and the best choice in couples ;D

3. How did bạn first get into How I Met Your Mother and Barney/Robin?
My best friend is actually a người hâm mộ of the show. He always has been. One ngày he convinced me to watch it and I fell in tình yêu with it right away. Then from 1x14, Barney/Robin had...
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posted by dacastinson
~Step 1: Admit to yourself that bạn still have feelings for this girl.
~Step 2: Choose the completely wrong moment to make a drunken di chuyển after hanging out at a strip club… and get shot down on purpose.
~Step 3: Agree that bạn two don’t work, locking the door on any future bạn could have together, which will drive Robin nuts.
~Step 4: Robin goes nuts.
~Step 5: Find the person who annoys Robin most in the world and ask for her help. Explain everything to Patrice and hope she agrees to help.
~Step 6: Check with your doctor about possible broken ribs.
~Step 7: Pretend to be dating Patrice.
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posted by alwaysforever
 March FOTM - Wada♥
March FOTM - Wada♥
FOTM with our wonderful Wada. I think we all know how great she's been around here for months and how much she deserved this. Congrats again girlie =)

1. Okay let's start off with a fun fact about yourself.
-Let’s see… a couple of weeks cách đây I accepted a challenge in the HIMYM Spanish forum. The challenge was to not talk about Barney and Robin because I’m always talking of them there (can bạn imagine?). I can say proudly that I completed my challenge. 3 weeks without saying a word ;P

2. When bạn think of Barney and Robin, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
-OTP! I tình yêu them so much....
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As we all know from the first episode of this LEGENDARY hiển thị that robin is “AUNT” robin that she’s NOT the mother and we all understood why ted told his kids about his romantic relationship with robin because of her he got a tattoo, which lead him to his (first fiancé) which lead to being a professor in college which lead to him to meeting their kid’s mother.

As much as we all tình yêu the other aspects in the hiển thị (barney legendary life, robin being candid, lily being bad-ass, Marshall being Supernatural believer, ted being the geek) the whole point of this hiển thị is who is the mother and...
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posted by alwaysforever
It started out with 12 kisses, twelve beautiful kisses. Our goal was to narrow it down to one, epic, breathtaking kiss. And we did. So here's the countdown from last to first of the ultimate BRotp kiss.

12. "Maybe when you're 39"
The first BR Kiss to go was ironically their last kiss. I think most of us chose this Kiss as the worst because of the scene and probably episode it was in. The break-up will forever be burned in our minds as the worst scene of all time and nonsensical but at least this Kiss could be its saving grace. It is a glimpse of hope for the future of our beloved couple.

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posted by mossheart1235
Hello! So this is what happens when I get really bored and decide I want a medal. LOL. This is my first BROtp fic and it ain't that good, so please be nice, but enjoy!

Robin was sitting in front of her computer, not quite sure how to begin. This was a secret of hers, a secret she'd only ever told Barney, and, luckily, Barney hadn't told a soul.
To tell the truth, she was passionate about two things, being a news anchor... and writing. She was best at short, sweet fairytales that ended happily. At least half her computer was full of those sort of stories. But now she was stuck.
She thought about...
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posted by leytonfaan_18
 May '12 FOTM: Albie :)
May '12 FOTM: Albie :)
Congrats to the wonderful Albie for FOTM. I wanna be the first to say how much she truly deserves this. Well done :)

1. Woooo, bạn won. Congrats! How does it feel?
Unreal! I Really Thought Someone Else Would Win!

2. Lets get to know you:) Tell us a little about yourself.
So, My Name's Albie And I'm 13! I Live In The UK. I Started Watching HIMYM About A năm Ago, And I Have To Say, At First I Did Like Robin And Ted *guilt rushes across my face* BUT As soon as B/R Came on screen, Robin/Ted Were out the window!

3. So let's talk about them individually. Whats your favourite thing about Barney? And...
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posted by Wada
 FOTM with Ana :)
FOTM with Ana :)
FOTM with Ana! I think we agree how much she deserves it. Congrats! :)

1. What is your yêu thích thing about Barney and Robin? As individual characters and as a couple.
I tình yêu how they are on the same level, they get each other’s jokes and they often have the same các lượt xem on life. If they don’t then they just battle it out and it’s usually adorable.
I tình yêu Barney’s underlying sweetness and his humor. I also tình yêu how much he loves Robin.
I tình yêu how much Robin cares about Barney, she cares about him way thêm than any of the other characters on the hiển thị do and she’s known him for a lot less...
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posted by leytonfaan_18
So hopefully bạn are all aware of the contest on this very subject. Here's all the reasons bạn lot have came up to ship them. Got any others? Go the link to đệ trình your suggestions. The winners of the rounds are bolded and underlined.

1. Because she suited up.
2. Because with her, the trouble doesn't seem so... troubling.
3. Because she's the most amazing woman he's ever banged.
4. Because she's not just another number to him.
5. Because she's everything he's afraid to let himself want.
6. Because "in a weird way we think you're kinda perfect for each other."
7. Because he let her win the race....
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posted by leytonfaan_18
 February FOTM - Brenda♥
February FOTM - Brenda♥
FOTM with Brenda! I think we'd agree how awesome she is around here and just how much she deserves it. Congrats again girl :)

1. Woo, bạn won FOTM. How does it feel?

I can't even describe it. When I saw that I won I did a little happy dance LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại =)

2. Before we start talking about them as a couple. What is your favourite thing about Barney and your least favourite? And what is your favourite thing about Robin and your least favourite?

Hmm my yêu thích thing about Barney is actually his "sensitive" side. When he does things like go to San Francisco to bring Lily back and comforting Robin in Sandcastles...
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posted by campluv98
I guess bạn would classify this as a fanfic,it's an original poem titled, "Fate". I had randomly came up w/this poem and i realized that after the 1st 3 lines it was perfect for these two. So, here it is.
(ps:i'd really appriciate comments,critism is welcome& somethings arent captialized just b/c i like them that way)


isn’t it ironic, yeah how we both live in a world of gin, rượu gin and tonic yeah.
This is just perfect, bạn and me.
We don’t need to feel any better.
We don’t need some secret Scarlet Letter.
But how luscious the sweet smell of temptation is.
If I jump off the bridge will...
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Read the bài viết in the discription below, it explains quite a lot about BRo's future and a bit about how season 8 will play out I found it interesting :) xx
Basically it says that barney and robin wont get back together straight away, robin will have a new tình yêu interest and it will somehow lead her back to barney, it also says about how red and Victoria will end, basically she reveals that she never left clause a note and ted says that the note helped when he was left bởi Stella, and a bit about how Lilly and Marshall will deal with a baby and seeing their friends.
(this is just an overview for the full bài viết click on the link below in the bình luận box below)
posted by AnaHallam
 they didn't only make sense, they were a perfect fit.
they didn't only make sense, they were a perfect fit.
FOTM with our wonderful Laura.

1. Tell us something about yourself
Something interesting *thinks* urm… I draw, lots. Oh and I’m hungry XD

2. What episode/scene made bạn start shipping Barney/Robin?
Zip, Zip, Zip! That scene where Barney explains how them two would make sense. At that point I realised they didn't only make sense, they were a perfect fit.

3. Where do they fall on your couples list?
Number Three, but I still tình yêu 'em though.

4. What do bạn like about Barney and Robin as individual characters?
I tình yêu Robin because she's independent, blunt, classy and has a great sense of humour,...
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