phim Barbie BM yêu thích Lyric Contest - Round 9: Be A Friend

Evera posted on Jul 27, 2012 at 10:55AM
Every week I'll post the name of a song, and you'll have 7 days to submit your favorite lyric of the song. The point of the game is to submit your 1-4 favorite lines from the song, not submit a whole verse of the song. If you submit more than 4 lines, I will only count the first 4 of the entry. You also cannot submit already submitted lyric. After 7 days I'll make a pick with all the submitted lyrics and the winner will receive a prop from me. After 10 rounds I will make a pick with all the winning lyrics for the past 10 rounds, and the overall winner will receive 5 props from me.

Also, you cannot post the same lyrics with other's lyrics. And you can only use one to four sentences.

== Remember, if you call your friends or use your accounts to win this contest in the poll, you will be banned until you promise that you will never do it again. ==

Enjoy! :-)

Here is the link for link lyrics

1. link - link
2. link - link
3. link - link
4. link - link
5. link - link
6. link - link
7. link - link
8. link - link

credit to BelleAnastasia
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