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Over on tumblr someone had asked me for my opinions on this video: link It is about 50 phút long, but, in my opinion, is well worth the watch. So I decided to watch it and give my thoughts.

I definitely agree with the first part where the narrator says that Azula’s psychology is the result of a broken family and poor parental upbringing.
But I do disagree with the sadism bit. I’ve typed about this many, many times. I feel like there was really only one time that sadism could be argued and that was when she smiled at the burning of Zuko’s face. But beyond that, I feel like sadism is...
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A big topic of discussion around Azula is usually what kind of mental illness she has, I tend to discuss that thêm and put less talk into the reasons for her losing it.

I've always seen it as a combination of things. She was raised in a broken trang chủ with a banished mother and a banished and burned brother. I’ve always imagined that her father was very verbally abusive and put a lot of pressure on her to be perfect. And for a while she was perfect, but the một phút she Mất tích grip on that she started to slip. She was betrayed bởi both of her Những người bạn and then very shortly after that blow her father...
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Source: princessazula on tumblr (who couldn't find the original artist)
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There will be spoilers, and bạn might want to start with part one.

Keep in mind that this is just a fanfiction, and that Azula's thoughts and scenes in between Sozin's comet never happened.

Azula was still thinking. He won't deny me, I'm the Princess! I'll get it out of my head, what to say, what to say...?
Then she spoke: "Sorry I'm late, father. Good palanquin bearers are so hard to come bởi these days. So, is everything ready for our departure?"

Then she heard the words that made her die a little inside. No, not a little, a lot.

"There has been a change of plans, Azula."

It can still be good....
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