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Avatar the last airbender
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The last thing I remember that I ran away with Aang and now a

girl and a guy were staring at us! I jumped up ready to attack.

" Whoa" the guy said.

" Sorry we" the girl started.

" Aang Aang waked up" I yelled and slapped him across the

face. " W- what! Ayla! What in the heck are we doing here?" he

said. " How the heck am I supposed to know that Aang " I

scowled." Hi I'm Katara and this is Sokka. So boyfriend hoặc

brother?" she giggled. Now I got angry!

" He's not either!" I screamed.

" Ayla sò, ngao, nghêu down" Aang said. " I'm Aang she Ayla, and this is

Appa" I just started to cool off when Aang told them...
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