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 Did bạn Know?
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Avatar the last airbender
did bạn know?
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The little boy tugged at the hem of his mother’s dress.

Apparently the boy had decided that she wasn’t paying him enough attention.

She didn’t mean to blow the child off, she’d simply fell asleep and Mất tích track of the time. It only took about fifteen phút for the boy to realize his mother forgot about what she promised him. And only a minute’s hesitation after that before tugging at her clothing, jumping on her bed, and screaming her name.

“Come on! Come on! Mama, bạn promised.”

Azula heaved herself up. “Did I really?” She asked with a yawn. Eyes still closed, despite her...
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the last airbender
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Think you've got what it takes to be the best?
the last airbender
seven simple rules
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chapter three

so we are gettin close đã đưa ý kiến alihondro yah we are đã đưa ý kiến katara not that i would no hoặc enything but we are yah well lets go okay đã đưa ý kiến azula.

to aang and them

so were do bạn gies think they are no idea đã đưa ý kiến ty lee whoa what is that it's orphyis and ora and alphondo yah lets walk slow.

were do bạn gies think your going rescuing my sister đã đưa ý kiến sokka and there is nothing bạn could do about it how about a fight r on đã đưa ý kiến aang good.

to azula, katara and alihondro

so bạn gies want to here the story yah we do đã đưa ý kiến kait all started 2 weeks cách đây when the Avatar defeted ozie we were born bye ozie...
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