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Avatar the last airbender
did bạn know?
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I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender (Movie) today I'm telling bạn now, do not watch this movie because it'll ruin your feelings towards Avatar: The Last Airbender (anime series)

The movie as I predicted was going to bad, not as good as the anime series.

Let's start off with Aang being released within the ice. No it wasn't the lovely Katara's waterbending that freed him, it was Sokka's good old boomerang in the hands of Katara that freed Aang.

They messed a lot of other bits in the movie of Book one of Avatar pretty badley.
1. There was no Suki, hoặc the Kyoshi Warrior

2. No Jet hoặc Freedom Fighters...
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Zuko found himself locked in another stare off with Kirah. The girl seemed ready to cave. They hadn’t spoken to each other in at least ten minutes. I

“What’s your excuse this time?” Zuko asked. “Visiting hours change again?”

“No. She’s…Tang-Shin took her to get some sort of new therapy…she should be out soon. After he’s done, I’ll check with him and see what I can do.” Kirah replied.

“Oh, so you’re going to play nice now?”

“Am I playing nice now hoặc was I playing mean before?” She asked before pretending to fill out some paperwork.

“What’s that supposed to...
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What is to become of a fallen princess?


Nothing at all.

Everything Azula had ever stood for seemed to have been taken from her. Her nation Mất tích the war. Her father the crown. Like that mattered to her anymore anyways, the man was quick to leave her behind when he thought he’d get a bigger crown.

He promised they‘d do it together. It was a lie. Now she had no parents…not ones that loved her anyhow. In fact she had no one at all that loved her. Even her uncle, a man that seemed to see the best in everyone, viewed her as a Mất tích cause.

The world seemed to have no room for her anymore....
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So if you've been living under a rock, here's what bạn missed.

Michael is now good Những người bạn with the Rowe family and protects Sydney almost every giờ of the day. He has joined the bóng rổ team along with Tenzin, and Eli. Katara has had her baby, Dishi, on March 23rd. And that's what bạn missed on Bending in the Present.

There were 7 giây on the clock as Eli shot the last basket. My team held our breath as the bóng rổ bounced on the rim and backboard. There was 2 giây left when the ball fell through the hoop. My team cheered and carried him on our shoulders as the buzzer, buzzed....
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