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 PPG Joo Dee
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Avatar the last airbender
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First of all, please keep in mind that this is my own opinion and that my yêu thích episodes may not be even close to yours. Anyways, enjoy the article! :)
Also, of course, there will be spoilers, so if bạn have not watched the series and plan to in the future, I suggest bạn don't read this until you're watched the series.

10. The Beach: I tình yêu this episode because bạn get to know thêm about characters like Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula. It shows bạn how complex their personalities are. I also tình yêu Li and Lo in this episode, even though they don't play a big part in it. I tình yêu the part where they go...
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Hey, guys; sorry about the long wait! This is a sequel to The Moments Ahead. Hope bạn like it!

It was a cool night just outside of Ba Sing Se. Aang and his Những người bạn were camping outside the walls, under the stars.
"Ahh!" Aang let out a short scream as he shot up from his sleeping bag.
"Aang...nightmare...Katara...fix it..." Sokka murmured sleepily from his tent.
Katara sat up and sighed. "I'm going..." She and Aang weren't in tents; they insisted they sleep outside.
Katara walked over to Aang. She knelt tiếp theo to him. "Are bạn okay?"
"N-no," he whimpered, still scared. "But I will be...go back...
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