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posted by PrincessFairy
Where The Dream Takes You

They'll try to hold bạn back
They will say your wrong
But they will never understand
The journey that your on

They'll try to change your mind
They'll try to change your heart
But they will never understand
Who bạn are
And you'll still believe
And bạn know, bạn must go

Where the dream takes you
Where your dream takes your heart
Where your tim, trái tim longs to be
Your dream will lead your on
When bạn finally find that place
You'll find all bạn need
Where the dream takes you

There's something in your soul
That won't be denied
It's the faith to dream that keeps
The dream alive
So you'll still believe...
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posted by simpsonsquire
"So, what's it gonna be?"
"Excuse Me."
"I followed bạn in, and I'll follow out, it's your decision."
"Oh my decision, why-y I think we've seen how effective my decisions have been. Let's recap, I lead a band of plundering vandals to greatest archeological find in recorded history, thus enabling a kidnap and to a murder of the royal family. Not to mention personally delivering the most powerful force known to man IN [THE HANDS OF MERCENARY NUTCASE WHO'S PROBABLY GONNA SELL IT TO THE KAISER! HAVE I LEFT ANYTHING OUT?!?