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 This part I think was adorable and really sweet
This part I think was adorable and really sweet
My favourite moments in The Little Mermaid

As much as I tình yêu this movie since aged 7 I decided to do a little bài viết on my favourite scenes from the movie. Please rate & enjoy.

1. The part of your world reprise and the song itself: Personally I loved the reprise version of this because it was a huge ballad back in 1989 and I loved Jodi Benson’s hát voice.

2. The bữa tối, bữa ăn tối scene: I liked this one because Eric asked Grimsby that he was going to marry the girl that saved him from drowning followed bởi the thuyền explosion earlier in the movie.

3. The thuyền scene: I liked this scene as it was so...
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posted by LisaForde
Ten reasons why I tình yêu The Little Mermaid

1. It was romantic and sweet.

2. The chemistry between the Prince and the Mermaid was adorable and sweet.

3. Ariel is my favourite childhood Princess.

4. Alan Menkin & the late Howard Ashman did the composing for the âm nhạc which was epic.

5. The sidekicks were hilarious especially Sebastian who made me laugh my đít, mông, ass off.

6. Part of your world reprise was such a powerful song and very true to Ariel as it was all about her wanting to be in the real world.

7. The message to this is that tình yêu is powerful and that bạn can have your dreams come true.

8. Eric was my first animated crush followed bởi Tarzan but Ariel is beautiful.

9. Jodi Benson is amazing as the hát voice of Ariel & speaking voice of her too.

10. I like mermaid stories and fairytales.