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The Apink members spilled on the composers they′ve worked with and their respective styles.

The Apink members appeared as guests, sans Na Eun and Ha Young, on MBC FM4U′s Kim Shin Young′s Noon Song of Hope on August 4, where they talked about the composers they′ve worked with.

Kim Shin Young introduced Apink′s new song Remember, saying "Including this song, you′ve worked with some great composers. You′ve worked with Sinsadong Tiger, Duble Sidekick and Công chúa tóc xù Brothers. What are their respective styles?"

Cho Rong said, "Sinsadong Tiger says, ′Doing great, doing great′ and makes us feel comfortable." Bo Mi đã đưa ý kiến of Công chúa tóc xù Brothers, "We′ve never met him."

Eun Ji said, "Duble Sidekick is really detailed. He plays close attention to things like the last note. So it takes a long time."
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