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anime Who of these two anime characters that have the name YOUHEI do bạn like the best?

19 fans picked:
Youhei Sunohara (Clannad)
Youhei Murata (Tsuyokiss Cool x Sweet)
 MCHopnPop posted hơn một năm qua
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MCHopnPop picked Youhei Sunohara (Clannad):
I love when he adds "a toilet seat cover" to his sentences!XD I prefer this Youhei definitely!
posted hơn một năm qua.
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ataro picked Youhei Sunohara (Clannad):
Sure, all that, and a toilet! I mean, and a toilet seat cover! XD
posted hơn một năm qua.
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3ASV89 picked Youhei Sunohara (Clannad):
... and a toilet seat cover!!
posted hơn một năm qua.