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This is one of my fave Hodgela trích dẫn ever!

Angela; I went to visit bạn at the hospital. I brought bạn this. [holds up teddy bear]
Hodgins; They... they let me go home.
Angela; No, they didn't. bạn left without being discharged. bạn lấy trộm, đánh cắp crutches which I had to pay for.
Hodgins; They packed me, pumped me full with antibiotics, stitched me up and gave me painkillers, so I'm good to go.
Angela; Could bạn please look at me? bạn were buried alive. bạn were operated on without anesthetic. bạn were pumped full of drugs. bạn really should be lying down.
Hodgins; He's out there, Angela. And buries people...
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