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Shahkman was let go, and he immediately dashed to his crystal ball. He looked for Ash first, because vịt đực, drake might have gone after her. She was running, but she was following Kalona. The fallen Angel was fast, but so was Ash. Kalona launched into the air, then punched a portal to hell into the ground. He grabbed Ash's hand and jumped in.
Shahkman looked behind him to see them fall into hell.
"Shahkman! We need your help!"Ash called as she ran up to Lord S.
"Ash, before I can help bạn I need to tell bạn something...a family secret."
Ash had a puzzled look on her face."Wha...?"
Kalona stood proudly behind her, scanning Shahkman's face. He sighed. "Heard the story. I wanna tell it. It sounds thêm scary when I tell it!"
Ash whirled around."No! No scary stuff if it involves Drake!"she pleaded. Kalona smiled.
"Too bad, toots. I'm telling it." He leaned his face into hers."But bạn can cuddle up to me if bạn get too scared."
She rolled her eyes."Not likely."
"Fine. I'll start then."He got out of her face and sat on the ground cross-legged, and in a deep voice, he began.
" When the một giây son of the devil was born, the Thế giới ngầm was under siege. Lord Shahkman was not the devil yet, and he had already had a son: Constantine. The
demons were planning a mutiny against the devil. Eric
Nightcrawler and Shahkman were neutral, not committing mutiny hoặc fighting the demons that were. They were peacemakers. Shahkman's wife Anabelle was heavily
pregnant with twins
"He looked over to Ash who was already shocked."Yes Ash, twins."
"After the twins were born, Shahkman sent a ring of fallen
thiên thần to protect his wife and threeee sons. I, of course,
was one of the thiên thần who protected them. Constantine was being an airhead, so he dashed out and tried to help us. He
got a severe scratch on his back, but he saved one of our lives. I owe him nothing, but that Angel does. All of a
sudden, I heard one of the twins snarling... I heard his mother screaming. I rushed in and saw that twin that was snarling had turned dark gray and his hair turned blue. Guess what his name was...
Ash was scared now. Her pupils were very small. She was on the brink of screaming. "Drake..."she whispered. Kalona
"Drake had slaughtered his twin brother. He was about to
go after his mother, but Shahkman and I pulled him off before he could do full damage. She was injured bởi her own infant son. I never liked the kid after that. I always wondered what he would do if he loved a girl. That girl is obviously you,
Ash. He ran past us and went on a killing spree. Killed most
of the demons who threatened the current devil, but he killed
the devil himself. That, my friend, is when Shahkman became the devil. All of the fallen thiên thần and Shahkman had
to track vịt đực, drake down. He was passed out bởi a well, in normal status. We brought him back, and his mother was gone. She had been too scared to continue caring for him.

Ash's eyes dialated then."Oh shit..."Tears came into her eyes."Shahkman what's gonna happen?!"She whirled around to meet the devil's eyes. She saw herself reflected in those
eyes, scared, crying, and a poor, helpless girl.
Shahkman saw the panic in her eyes."I don't know. When he's in his dark form, he's unstoppable, and he goes on a
killing spree. This is only the 5th time he's turned to his dark form. You're really scared, aren't you?" She nodded and Kalona stood.
"I shouldn't have told bạn that, Ash... I'm sorry..."he đã đưa ý kiến truthfully. He opened his arms and she hugged him and cried. He softly hugged her too. Then he realized something. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace.
It was beautiful. It was a silver wing with seven diamonds clustered together. It hang on a silver chain. He put the chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm around her neck.
"That will protect bạn if you're in danger and I'm not near."
She looked up into his golden eyes. He was never lying...

Authors note: This is officially the creepiest story I have ever written. Ever. So Kalona wasn't lying in the first chapter. I BETTER HAVE SO DECENT COMMENTS!!!!!