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posted by selenamary
Hi im dana patrick most of u know me as selenamary and yes i tình yêu selena gomez(: so i am making this fanfic hope bạn like it!!

so im just sitting at my bàn thinking about the summer cause i met SELENA GOMEZ YAY!!!!!>333 its exciting isnt it? anyway i got a call from her and she đã đưa ý kiến i could guest ngôi sao on wizards yay!! me and my friend hannah were just sitting there talking about it when the most được ưa chuộng gurl chloe shows up. "i here bạn are gonna guest ngôi sao in wizards of waverly place huh?" yeah i am" well?" what?" how did u get 2?" cause i know selena gomez!" I SHOULD BE THE ONE KNOWING MY IDOL SELENA GOMEZ I SHOULD BE THE ONE GUEST STARRING IN WIZARDS!! ITS NOT FAIR!" Well it is how it is". i was pumped chloe was never jealous of me!! finally! my life is just getting better(:

thanks to selena(: