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“Rybak believes in the ultrasound of dolphins”

’Today, I swam with the dolphins. Did bạn know? Impressions are good, but, honestly, hoping for a thêm open relationship. The pool was too small. bạn can believe hoặc not believe, but true - ultrasound positive effect on people. While sailing with dolphins ultrasonic waves affect the human body. As a result of the improving performance of all body systems. They are đã đưa ý kiến to relieve pain, eliminate muscle tension and favorably affect the nervous system. In addition, dolphins are distinguished cheerful disposition and high intelligence. All động vật have different affects on people. Let's say my dog does not have ultrasounds, but she knows how to cheer up. There are people who believe in hippotherapy. I never was fond of horses, and my dad is professionally engaged in horseback riding. I am very fond of animals! Even nghề viết văn songs about them. In my first album is a song about horses.’
Swedish lyrics

by Mats Paulson

"Din Första Kyss"

Djupt i ditt hjärta
där finns det ett rum
och jag har en nyckel ditt in.
Vart Du än far över hela vår jord
jag följer Dig i fantasin.

Den dag du ska du välja
den man du vill ha,
en tvekan jag hör i din röst.
För en hemlighet finns
som vi båda förstår.
En tanke som skänker mig tröst
Ja, en hemlighet finns
som vi båda förstår.
Den tanken känns skön i mitt bröst!

För där finns
massor av män som är bättre än jag,
som kommer till Dig med fina förslag.
Men en sak Maria, jag mins den som nyss,
din första kyss.

Vart än jag far
så finns i förvar...
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Wednesday night Alexander Rybak made his host-debut when he leaded " Allsang på grensen " together with Katrine Moholt on Fredriksen fort in Halden

And in the cheering crowd, Rybak's earlier dancepartner Malin Johansson could be spotted.

The earlier dancecouple created big headlines march this năm when they got busted in a nightclub called Berns in Stockholm, kissing each other. This happened after the swedish version of Let's Dance and while both of the had partners.

- It's nothing to hide. It was a bad thing and stupid of us. We weren't that smart. We still got feelings for our partners, said...
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"I Ditt Sommarhus"

Lyrics: Mats Paulson

Genom ljumma gator far
man i öppna bilar.
Genom sommarnatten blå
kor och hästar vilar.
På en höjd blir luften sval,
värmen kommer i en dal
och i stugan väntar frugan
med en brasa varm och skön.
Ungarna kan inte sova,
fast de läst sin aftonbön.

- Pappa kommer, vi är vakna.
Kanske har han nå’t från sta’n!
Det är varmt så vi är nakna.
Solen brände hela da’n.
Gruset knastrar ut på plan.
- Jo, minsann, nu kommer han!
Pappa kommer med de myggor
som vill in i vårat hus.
Snart så somnar tre små ungar
under tak i månens ljus.

Månen tiger över berg,
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“Anything thêm beautifully than Moscow did not see”

— Who plays a violin, that, as a rule, well owns a guitar.

— Truly, both Igor, and Alexander perfectly play a guitar. In the house at them author's songs — Gorodnitsky, Nikitinyh, Berkovsky, Vizbor constantly sound. Igor itself writes fine songs.

— Often musicians happen the ninnies who have been physically not developed bởi people. That bạn will not tell about the senior and younger Rybaks.

— Igor — the inveterate traveller. I remember, on the first officer money I have bought to it in a gift a rubber boat. So it has passed...
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Swedish lyrics

"Jag Föddes Ur Havet"

Lyrics: Mats Paulson

Jag föddes ur havet
vid vindarnas lek
och väcktes i vågornas dans
och spolades upp
på den grönskande strand
och visste med ens att jag fanns.

Jag kände mig hungrig,
då åt jag mig mätt
av frukter som föll i min hand.
Men oron blev stor
för kommande da’r,
som levande känner ibland.

Nu lyssnar jag tryggt
till de lugnande slag
som endast mitt hjärta kan ge.
Jag räknar ej längre
de tider som flyr,
jag fruktar ej vad som ska ske.


Innesluten i jordens famn
ska Du alltid vara!

Vem Du är
och vad Du är
behöver ingen förklara.

Tiden går
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Elisabeth "Bettan" Andreassen is a ringrev in the âm nhạc industry. She has over the years worked with many artists both in Norway and Sweden. This time the golden boy Alexander Rybak has become her new partner. Something Elisabeth is very happy with.

– We work well together and have become very good friends. We have simply just really fun, "she told" Good evening, Norway. "

More cooperation

Thursday evening came the two together on the red carpet into the Grand Hotel to see the fashion hiển thị for the clothing designer Nora Farah. And the laughter was always resolved in the two.

– Yes, she's...
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Нас разделяют два разных пути,
Сердце мое, ты как прежде храни,
Пусть ты не знаешь, тебя я люблю,
Но поверь, не в этом суть.
Радостно мне, когда счастлива ты,
Лишь о тебе, берегу я мечты,
Верю, однажды вернешься, и вновь
Оживет вдруг наша любовь.
Фото в ладони, мы будто вдвоем,
Ты робко флиртуешь со мной,
Так безрассудно зачем мы живем,
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The russian one;
- Правда ли, что ты увез к себе на родину русскую журналистку по имени Анна?
- Нет. Правда, что я знаю эту девушку, что на празднике мы разговаривали, но кроме этого я с ней никогда не встречался. Практически не знаю ее. Почему вы только ей верите, а не всем другим тоже?
- Просто о ней пишет наша русская пресса.
- Да пусть пишут....
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In english:

Eurovision winner norwegian Alexander Rybak exposes in Seura- magazine that he still wouldn't betray.

- It is hard for me to say no to sex if it is on offer. Exept now: even there are 5000 girls in my concert, I can only think that one girl which one I love.

He exposes that he had earlier met some những người hâm mộ and sometimes he went a little bit far with them.

Rybak himselfs thinks that he hadn't abused position

- I think it is better to say that I'm     

Rybak has dated with winners of different competitions

- It is easy to be with someone who adores you.

Translated: Hanatee and pepu
New round with Alexander Rybak
Alexander is back as an instructor at Aalesund Orchestra School, thêm nervous than before Grand Prix.


“This is something totally new for me, because this time it’s my own project. It shape my future”, Alexander Rybak (25) says.

“This is what I like to work with. To make concerts with children and young people that turns to unique experiences for the audience. Regardless of age and musical tastes. A little pop, some classical and some folk songs”, he says.


He is back as an instructor at Aalesund Orchestra School after being absent last year....
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Before Alexander Rybak have a signing buổi hòa nhạc at Namsos Storsenter on Friday, he is relaxing with his family on Otterøya.

Otterøya: Since Alexander Rybak won Eurovision two years ago, he has managed to release three albums, become the national lucky charm troll, and find the way back to his musical roots.

'Do not want to be a pop star'

Fairy Tale was just a break from the classical âm nhạc I was doing, Rybak says, when he sits in the sun and eat homemade soup. A not unknown meal for the boy from Belarus, who become a ngôi sao over night when he sang and played himself into the hearts of the Grand...
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- What is your best summer memory?

– My best summer memory is when I took the first girl I was in tình yêu for Daisy. I took her to Daisy, because I knew she was going to sit up to me when we would take the timber chute.

– What kind of relationship do bạn have for the summer?

– I like summer when it rains. I am a white Russian, bạn know, so I'm a sucker for melancholy and nostalgia. Also, I like to see the sunset in the summer.

– Which summer memory would bạn rather have done without?

– It was when I was at the Daisy, and it was closed when I and my buddy came up there. I was sorry the...
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Good manners were close to cost Rybak his life. So polite that he nearly drowned.

Alexander was very very polite already as a child. Even one time he was about to drown, he called for help bởi discreetly gurgling “excuse me ….excuse me”.

- How long can bạn sit in a deck chair before bạn get restless, Alexander?

- If there is not sunny, I can manage 5 hours just fine. If the sun is shining, then it won’t be thêm than one minute.

- For most others it is vice versa

- I have never been interested in nice weather. The worst way to wake up, is when the sun is baking through the bedroom window....
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Alexander Rybak has spent alot of time in sweden lately.

He competed in the swedish version of Let's Dance, and now he's releasing a new album with swedish songs.

- I haven't become swedish, I'm just a bit crazy, Alex laughs to God Morgen Norge.

- It's a nice language to sing in, Alex explains.


Alexander says it was great entering Skal vi Dance, but won't do it again.

- It's not really my thing, he says.

But the hiển thị gave him one good thing, according to Alexander.

- All these new gay Những người bạn I've gotten, they're fantastic.

- What about all these ladies stories about you? Are...
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Alexander Rybak: “My mottos is – a healthy lifestyle!”
- Alexander, we tell readers about organic products and their advantages in our magazine, we draw attention to a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. We’d like to ask if bạn know yourself, what is organic food?

- I can guess. These are the ones, which are grown in ecologically clean conditions without using any chemicals, right? Then, of course, I know it. It is được ưa chuộng thing all over the world.

- Which thực phẩm do bạn prefer?

- I tình yêu buns (laughs). I’m kidding, of course. Actually the main thing for me is the thực phẩm should be fresh....
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Alexander Rybak: “I will never take part to Eurovision again”

Everyone remembered him: even those, who didn’t watch, didn’t interest, didn’t know. And those, who didn’t like the idea of the ESC in Moscow, and all other “did not”s. Smile, which makes bạn weak; shining eyes, sounds of a violin, funny plot, dizzy amount of countries which voted for the song “Fairytale” – and norwegian singer and violonist with Belorussian roots became famous in one single moment. Rybak has recorded a Russian album, and records video on it in Ukraine. Cosmopolitan Alexander Rybak has told to...
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From dancing to romantic composition.

With empathy Alexander Rybak explained how his self-composed classical piece has to be played. Monday evening he was in Kristiansund to rehearse with the musicians of the opera ballet.

I want to go back to the classic part of my life. Now I hope people are coming to listen to the play, says Alexander Rybak.

Almost direct from the dance competition “Let's dance” in Sweden, he came to Kristiansund. A little tired, he arrived at the Kirkelandet Church to practice.
Director Kjell Siem greeted him welcome, and Rybak greeted the orchestra before they began....
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posted by JustLikeSoul
The Norwegian press burst with critical các bài viết regarding the singer’s indignant blog post.

Norwegian Belarusian Alexander Rybak đã đăng his picture with Alyaksandr Lukashenka taken during his two-day visit to Minsk, the website reports. Rybak is embracing Lukashenka and holding his thumb up.

The caption for the picture shocked the blog readers even thêm than the snap itself: “President of Belarus and I. Thanks to him, Minsk one of the prettiest and cleanest cities in Europe! Come here!” Rybak called.

Alexander Rybak’s managers don’t bình luận on the post; the singer is on his...
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Swedish lyrics

Den Lyssnande Blomman

Hörde du sommarens vind dra förbi?
Kände du solen mot kinden?
Fjärilens vingar i ditt drömmeri.
Somnade du under linden?

Hörde du porlande vårvinterns älv
borta i milsvida skogen?
Vindharpan spelar en strof för sig själv
vid ödebygdsgården och plogen.

Hörde du sången från livsårens tid?
Nog var du med i refrängen?
Längese’n var det, nu står du i frid
en lysande blomma på ängen.

Lyrics bởi Mats Paulson.

English lyrics

“The listening flower”

Did bạn hear the wind of summer pass by?
Did bạn feel the sun against your cheek?
The butterfly’s wings in...
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