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LeytonTLA posted on Feb 26, 2011 at 02:58PM
suggest :]

I don't know if there should be a deadline... what do you guys think?

Alex and Izzie 5 các câu trả lời

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hơn một năm qua LeytonTLA said…
I'll start.

1. You make me better. You make me wanna be better. You make me wanna be good.

2. you make me want to be good. and I think I can. with you. I think I can. So, I'm not going anywhere, and you can stop hiding.

3. if you knew this was your last day on earth, how would you wanna spend it?

4. we could be great together.

5. because I don't want to be the future of this hospital if you're not there with me.

6.Alex. Alex is the man I love

7.When I think about my future. Who I am now, who I want
to be, how I want to spend the rest of my life.
When you get that flutter in your chest. Alex. Alex is the man I love.

8.Today's the day my life begins.

9. Together, no matter what happens. I'll be ready. for anything. for everything. Izzie Stevens, our life together begins. and I for one, can't wait.

11.I can't lose you, I won't survive.

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hơn một năm qua LauraRocks said…
well no one seems intrested in this and you got all the ones i could think of but i like #10
hơn một năm qua LeytonTLA said…
yeah, I can see that :D :/

i'll just make a pick sometime soon...
hơn một năm qua vivalavida said…
Gosh, all their scenes and lines are amazing and touching *__* I like the #10 and the #7 especially! That scene is flawless and very pure. So I'm going with that :P
Icon and banner..we keep these?
hơn một năm qua vivalavida said…
I would also like to see this icon as spot icon..just to change a little, ya know..okay, they're over and everything, but at least they deserve a spot that represents them in the better way. I can't stand the "A spot for one of the best bla bla.." c'mon there are such too many good quotes to put that :S

BTW, that's the icon! ;)