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I fell in tình yêu last night.
He took me on a magical flight.
We flew around under the stars,
We could do anything; the night was ours.
I fell for him right there on that magic carpet.
I know this is a feeling I will never forget.
I finally found a handsome Prince.
Now everything in my life makes sense.
With him is where I belong.
I know what I’m feeling isn’t wrong.
I want to be with him for always.
When I’m with him I’m in a daze.
My future is beginning to unfurl,
All because he introduced me to a whole new world.
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Dr. Evan interviews the marvelous Linda Larkin, Disney Legend and voice of Princess hoa nhài from the Disney classic, Aladdin! Linda talks about working with the late great Robin Williams, her feelings about working on a landmark Disney hand-drawn film, and her thoughts on hoa nhài as a role model. A few have đã đưa ý kiến that Jasmine's only dream in life is to get married. Listen to hear Linda's fascinating response! Linda reveals who her yêu thích Disney Princess is, along with one of her yêu thích charitable causes: Smithtown, NY's Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Disney has recently released the Diamond Edition of Aladdin và cây đèn thần on DVD and Blu-Ray in spectacular high-def; pick it up while bạn can. Many thanks to Linda, Disney, and Click!
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Aladdin và cây đèn thần
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